Security Company Advice in Doylestown PA: Securing Your Home

Security Company in Doylestown PA

As any security company in Doylestown PA will tell you, a good home alarm system is an investment, in your family, your home and your safety.

However, not every home security measure involves calling on a security company in Doylestown PA to install a high-tech system. Here are a few basic, practical things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Doors and windows

Start by inspecting your doors to see how effective they might be at keeping you secure. Ideally, doors should be made with a solid metal or wooden core. Doors with a hollow core are easy to break down and should be replaced if possible.

If your home has a sliding glass door, install a wooden dowel inside the floor track inside to prevent the door from opening from the outside. And make sure all your windows have working locks.

  1. Hide your “Hide-a-key”

Do you have a key tucked away somewhere outside your home? A dedicated burglar will know all the hiding places (welcome mat, fake dock, mailbox). Don’t risk them finding your key. Entrust it to one of your neighbors – someone who’s earned your trust – instead.

  1. Get rid of potential hiding spots

Don’t give burglars a place to hide. Trim your hedges or shrubs if they’ve gotten too high and consider putting up outdoor motion lights to keep people from lurking outside your home.

You may also want to put your interior lights on timers to make it seem like you’re at home, even when you’re not.

  1. Consult with the police

Check with your local police department, who can offer tips for securing your home. They may even agree to send an officer out to assess your security measures.

  1. Know your neighbors

Knowing your neighbors is a simple yet effective way to protect your home from break-ins. A good neighbor can keep an eye on your house when you’re away.

You should return the favor by doing the same. And when you’ve developed that kind of relationship, you can enlist your neighbor in this next step.

  1. “Rob” your own house

Have a friend or trusted neighbor roam through your house looking for small, valuable items. The objective is to remove as many as they can find in the space of a few minutes.

This way, you’ll have a sense of how easy it would be for a burglar to sniff out your valuables. If the answer turns out to be “Very easy,” you’ll need to take extra measures, such as installing a safe or renting safe deposit box.

  1. Don’t advertise your vacation

Traveling in the age of social media brings with it the temptation to share your adventures with your contacts. Unfortunately, posting shots of you and the family at Disney World or with one of the Buckingham Palace guards tells burglars that you’re out of town.

It’s fine to share your travel adventures with the world. Just wait until you’re back home.

  1. No dog? No problem

Even if you don’t own a dog – or own a dog that friendly – there’s nothing to stop you from putting up a “Beware of Dog” sign. Burglars will think twice before breaking in. Even if a dog isn’t dangerous, chances are it will still bark and alert their arrival.

Are you worried about the security of your home and looking for a security company in Doylestown, PA? People in this region have for relied on Holicong Security for more than half a century.

From video surveillance to alarm systems to smoke and fire alarms, you can trust on us to keep your home and family safe.

10 Ways to Fireproof Your Home

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Burn accidents are responsible for about 180000 deaths every year. With fire incidents being reported almost every other day, you’re probably thinking of how you can upscale residential security to protect your home from fire. The good news is that you can fireproof your home, possessions, and family with simple precautionary measures.

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Is It Important to Hire a Certified Locksmith?

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We put a lot of faith in our locksmiths, which is why it’s important to hire a certified locksmith.

After all, this is a person that we’ve trusted to secure our homes or to help us get back in when we’ve lost our keys and or locked out. We call on them to install safes in our home and keep our homes safe, so it makes sense that we feel safe with them.

Here are a few things to look for to make sure you’re hiring a locksmith you can trust:

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Business Security: It’s Not Just for Big Companies

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Your company might just be you and a couple of family members, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have business security concerns as a large corporation.

No matter how big or small your company is, it’s important to protect your privacy, your income, your employees and your customers. Here are a few steps your small business can take to improve security.

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5 Questions About Home Safes

Person opening a safe at home.

When you imagine owning a safe, it’s tempting to think “that’s for rich people.”

You picture something built into the wall of a mansion, hidden behind a priceless painting and hiding equally priceless gems.

But in reality, anyone who has anything valuable in their home could use a safe. Even if you’re not worried about a burglary, owning a safe could protect things like birth certificates and other important documents against fires and floods. In a sense, safes are your last line of defense for home security,

So that’s the “Why” of purchasing a safe. Let’s focus on the “How” and the “what.” Here are a few questions you should ask when installing a safe.

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How Will Security Measures Lower My Insurance Rates?

man installing a security camera

Whenever we think about alarm systems, we always find ourselves coming back to a couple of unsettling statistics from the FBI.

  1. Burglaries happen every 15 seconds
  2. Homeowners that have no security system are three times as likely to be the victims of a break-in than those that have a security system.

Insurance companies know these statistics. They know having a security system will create a safer living space for you and your family and that many alarm systems protect against other threats, like fire, water damage and carbon monoxide.

As such, you’re less likely to file an insurance claim, which means your insurance company saves money. In many cases, they’ll pass those savings on to you.

On average, putting alarm systems and other security measures in your home can reduce your homeowners insurance rates by as much as 20 percent.

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Home Fire Prevention and Safety Measures: Everything You Should Know

A house on fire at night

Each year, Americans lose billions of dollars’ worth of property to housefires. It’s a devastating thought: everything you own – including things that can’t be replaced – gone in a few minutes.

That’s to say nothing of the human cost. Thousands of people are killed or are injured each year in housefires. Perhaps the worst part is that so many of these fires could have been prevented with the installation of a fire alarm system, or by taking simple home fire safety measures.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the importance of having a fire alarm system, some of the most common reasons housefires start, along with some steps you can take to fireproof your home.

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When Is It Time to Upgrade My Security System?

A rusty old security camera

We’ll be setting the clocks back in a few weeks when daylight saving time ends, which is typically also a good time to test the batteries in your smoke alarm.

It’s a good rule of thumb: change the clocks, check your smoke alarm. Ideally, you should be refreshing the batteries in your smoke alarm every year and installing new alarms every 10 years (and also testing the alarms every month).

But what about the other things that keep your home safe? When should you start thinking about a new lock installation? When is it time to invest in a new security camera, or to buy a new alarm system?

In this month’s blog post, we’ll explore how you can tell when it’s time to upgrade your security.

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Do I Really Need Security Cameras in My Home?

A home security camera system mounted on the exterior wall

When you picture a home security camera system, you might be tempted to imagine something out a movie, where a billionaire keeps watch over his giant estate with a bank of monitors.

In truth, video surveillance systems for the home are quite common, and quite useful.

At Holicong Security, safety is what we do.  We have been serving Bucks, Montgomery and Hunterdon counties since 1952.  So we know a thing or two.  Here are five reasons why we think security camera systems are a good idea for your home.

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How to Make Sure Your House is Secure When You Go on Vacation

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Summer time is just around the corner.

Your kids are counting down the days until school lets out for the year, and you’re dreaming of your vacation. Maybe you’ll be sitting by the ocean drinking something tropical or embarking on a cross-country trip to see some unforgettable landmarks.

But before you start your well-deserved vacation from everyday life, take a minute to think about the people who can’t wait for you to leave.

We’re talking about your unfriendly neighborhood burglar. To him, a house where the family has gone on vacation is like an invitation to steal.

Don’t make his job easier. Before you leave for your trip, follow these tips from our Bucks, PA residential security experts that will help you make sure your home is secure.

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