Tips on Choosing a Bucks County Security Company

Security System Home at NightSecurity systems in Bucks County are often installed even in areas with low crime. Homes and businesses both benefit if they have valuables that can be easily removed. Even if one is already in place, updating it with new equipment may afford additional protections. If you are considering either option, here are a few tips to make sure that you get the right system, the right services and know what to do with them once they’re installed.

A Security System Inspection

You should be looking to get assessment of what you need in order to best protect your valuables which should include an on site inspection. A security company employee should be able to tell you what elements you might need, as well as whether or not you should consider ongoing security monitoring from a central facility.

While that is being done you can ask whether or not the company offers a warranty on the equipment that is installed as well as whether the installation will include wiring inside the walls or other areas so that it is difficult for the burglar to disable any security system.

Monitoring Ratios and Emergency Services Response Times

Security System CameraIf you do decide to use central monitoring for your security system, you should check how helpful it was actually prove to be for your home or business. Ask the security company for the average response time both for the employees monitoring the system, as well as the police or emergency services in your area. If they do not have the latter data, you can contact your local police department to find out how long it takes for them to receive the information from the monitoring company as well as the typical response time for most properties in the area. It may be more difficult to get information regarding fire and EMS services, but it is usually roughly a few minutes.

In addition, you should try to determine how many sites an employee at a monitoring center is responsible for during the course of their shift. The lower the number, the more likely it is that any potential events will be acted on quickly. This is especially true if you decide to add additional services such as fire and carbon monoxide alarms, which also require quick response times to minimize the likelihood of any injury or property damage.

Insurance, Discounts and Contracts

Companies can provide the proper documentation for homeowners and facility managers to receive a discount on their insurance policies will likely have experience dealing with other paperwork that could prove a hassle for buyers of security systems down the road.

Reputable firms will have contracts in place that comply with state and federal Truth in Lending statutes. You should be able to see in large print what the monthly charge will be for any monitoring as well as equipment costs that you do not pay for upfront. While customers will rarely need to invoke it, there should also be a clause that establishes the procedure for ending the contract as well as any early termination fee.

Create Your Own Policies and Rules for Home and Business Security

Whether you’re considering buying a standalone alarm system or one that will be monitored remotely, it’s only as good as the users who interact with it.

For example if you often leave doors or windows unlocked, you’re making the bet that the security system will be able to notify local authorities before any burglar breaks in and walks off with TVs, computers, jewelry or other valuables. The alarms will likely go off quickly, but savvy thieves may ignore them for a short time. Getting family members to lock doors and windows is an important part of insuring home security.

That’s also the case for businesses where managers or the security department should have policies in place regarding building access (either via keys or cards) in order to ensure that employees are on the same page regarding the need to keep facilities/office secure. These policies can include opening and closing procedures for retail locations as well as which employees have access to certain areas for manufacturing and other facilities.

In the case of home security systems, families should go over rules for anyone living in the home. This can also include practicing for times when the alarm system goes off accidentally as well as putting in the security company’s number as a saved contact in all cell phones. Families can also create a checklist for going out on longer trips as well that can include protecting flammable areas and locking various windows and doors.

Summing Up

Experienced Bucks County security and home safety companies can provide an analysis of your home or business’ needs as well as a full quote on what you can expect to pay. This can play a huge role in making a property safer and more secure from both crime and fire or carbon monoxide. Still, the most important element is the human one, so be sure to follow common sense precautions to get the most out of any system.

3 thoughts on “Tips on Choosing a Bucks County Security Company

  1. I appreciate your tip on considering monitoring ratios and emergency services response time. It would seem that you would want to get a security system that has a fast response time in case you do have any problems. My wife and I are looking into getting an alarm service for our home so when we do we’ll be sure to look into response time and monitoring ratios.

  2. I agree that when looking for a security company you would want one who offers a security system inspection. I would imagine that if they do this kind of inspection they could help you find the service that is ideal for your home. I’m looking for a security company so I’ll have to find one that offers an upfront inspections system as well.

  3. I agree that you should get an inspection from a security professional before you get a system. I would imagine that a professional can help you find out exactly what your security needs are. I’m looking for a security system for my family so I’ll have to get an inspection before I buy one.

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