Technology is Making Home Security Systems More Useful For Families

Home Security Systems Bucks PAIt used to be that a home security system would include sensors on doors and perhaps windows, linked to a central device that would notify a security company and/or local first responders if a crime was to occur. With rapid advances in technology, however, families can take advantage of the internet and smartphones for an unprecedented look into homes protected by Bucks County security companies.

 Offsite Monitoring and Notifications

The biggest trend in home security is remote viewing. Many security systems are now connected to central monitoring stations and are also connected to the internet as a result. Homeowners and others with secure access can use smartphones, tablets and computers around the world to monitor camera feeds, tripped sensors and more.

In addition, some systems even offer email or text alerts if an event happens so that an authorized person does not miss any potential emergencies even if they are away from home. There is also the opportunity for recorded video clips either over a set time-frame or based on sensors such as a door alarm.

More importantly, there are a number of different camera options available. Wifi-enabled camera capabilities save time and money because there is no wiring  to be run throughout the house or to an outdoor location. They can also be constructed in weatherproof housings for people worried about detached garages or storage sheds. In addition, there are now image sensor packages, where a motion detector is combined with a camera to hopefully produce an image of an intruder for police to review.

New Sensor Locations and Types

While they may have been available to the extremely wealthy in the past, for most homeowners, glass-break and stress sensors can offer an additional layer of protection. The former can come in the form of acoustic sensors tuned for the frequencies of a pane breaking, while seismic versions note vibrations likely to cause a window to crack. Stress sensors, placed under mats or carpets, detect footfalls in case an intruder  has made it through an unprotected entrance and is now inside the house.

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Home Safety Monitoring: Timelines of Burglaries and Fires

Two of the major threats that most security systems protect against are intrusions, usually for burglary, and fires. Businesses from small home operations to large office facilities can benefit from this protection as well, as the advantages are similar in both instances. While many people chose to move to or stay in the suburbs of Philadelphia for safety reasons, statistics show that “it’s not going to happen to me” is not necessarily valid for those who plan on living here for several years.

Whether there are concerns over potential fires that could damage family heirlooms or a history of nearby crime, data shows that tragic events happen more quickly and more often than one might think.

Statistics on Home Emergencies in Bucks County

A recent review of police data in Bucks County indicates that thousands of property crimes are reported each year. For example, only about 4,000 people live in Chalfont but there are several dozen people who are victims of property crimes that may have been avoided with the help of a Holicong security system consultant. Southampton had nearly 400 such crimes, but of course the population is much larger. Doylestown has one of the higher property crime rates in Bucks County, with one in 47 residents likely to be the victim of theft or burglary on an annual basis.

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Home Security Systems and Protecting Your Home From Theft

Rayn PropertiesAs mentioned in earlier blog posts, a home security system is a critical part of ensuring that your valuables are protected either by preventing a break-in or limiting what can happen if a burglar does get inside. However, there are additional services provided by full-service home security services and things that you can do yourself to limit the potential to be cleaned out by a thief.

Remote Surveillance and Home Security Systems

Many people have worked with Bucks County home security system providers to upgrade protections for their property. Thanks to an increase in web-based technologies, there are now several opportunities for homeowners to check in on their homes, pets and valuables wherever they may be.

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Insurance Discounts for Home and Business Security Systems

Residential Securiy - DMP KeypadThe primary reason most people contact a Bucks County security monitoring firm is because they want their valuables and assets protected whether it is in a residential or a business setting. However, many people also take out insurance policies on their homes, and many businesses are required to do so. Once a new system is installed, there may be additional savings available to those who report the features to their insurer.

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How Do Alarm Systems Work?

Alarm System Bucks Pa Installing an alarm system in your Bucks PA home or business is critical. Basic security systems or burglar alarms are typically wired to a central control panel that will activate when doors or windows are opened while the system is armed. These basic electronic alarm systems are made up of three main components designed to detect, determine and deter any criminal activity or other threatening situations.


The most basic component of an alarm system is the part that detects, or the sensor. These sensors are placed on all protected windows, doorways and other entries and will activate when the door or window is opened. Most sensors include two parts. The first part contains a small magnet and the other contains a circuit with a metal switch that magnet holds closed. When a door or window is opened, the magnet can no longer hold the circuit closed and it becomes broken, which activates the alarm. Some alarm systems may also feature motion detectors that signal the system when someone or something enters an area that wasn’t there previously.
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