Home Safety Monitoring: Timelines of Burglaries and Fires

Two of the major threats that most security systems protect against are intrusions, usually for burglary, and fires. Businesses from small home operations to large office facilities can benefit from this protection as well, as the advantages are similar in both instances. While many people chose to move to or stay in the suburbs of Philadelphia for safety reasons, statistics show that “it’s not going to happen to me” is not necessarily valid for those who plan on living here for several years.

Whether there are concerns over potential fires that could damage family heirlooms or a history of nearby crime, data shows that tragic events happen more quickly and more often than one might think.

Statistics on Home Emergencies in Bucks County

A recent review of police data in Bucks County indicates that thousands of property crimes are reported each year. For example, only about 4,000 people live in Chalfont but there are several dozen people who are victims of property crimes that may have been avoided with the help of a Holicong security system consultant. Southampton had nearly 400 such crimes, but of course the population is much larger. Doylestown has one of the higher property crime rates in Bucks County, with one in 47 residents likely to be the victim of theft or burglary on an annual basis.

Smoke AlarmFire statistics along the Pennsylvania Delaware River region and surrounding area are difficult to come by, if only because numerous volunteer and paid forces might cover a single area. Still, on a national basis, the National Fire Protection Association notes that while fires rarely start in the living room (a scenario covered below), the den or other gathering place, they cause one in four deaths. Bedroom fires are linked to a similar number of fatalities. A lack of smoke alarms or homes with non-functional signals contribute to three out of five deaths recorded each year.

So in addition to property protection, many security companies in Bucks County and throughout Pennsylvania also offer fire and carbon monoxide monitoring (http://holicongsecurity.com/our_services.htm). For an extra layer of protection, specifically in historic homes, sprinkler systems can prevent fires from spreading and causing significant, if not irreparable, damage.

Fires and Safety Monitoring Systems

Fire Safety Monitoring SystemIt can take less than a minute and a half for a lit match to set an entire couch on fire, and about two minutes for a nearby smoke alarm to go off. However, even with flame-retardant materials, fires can spread quickly – an Arizona fire department study found that people have less than three minutes if they are upstairs, and about five minutes in total to escape from the house.

The situation is often worse if the fire occurs in a manufacturing or industrial storage facility where there is a higher likelihood of either incendiary or explosive materials. In addition, while many homeowners have at least one person there for the majority of the day, fires at a business facility may occur outside of working hours. In both cases, the worst possible outcome is what firefighters call a “flashover” or a quick expansion of fire from one area to another. When such an event occurs in the home example above, it can make it difficult or in some cases even impossible for loved ones to escape.

Security Companies’ Response to Intrusions

A thief checks the windows and screen door of a blackened house, the latter of which a teenaged son has left unlocked. In less than 45 seconds, using a penlight, he or she has identified any downstairs entertainment areas and searched for small items like cell phones, laptops and other high-value materials. In less than two minutes, the intruder has checked to see whether or not there are any occupants in bedrooms or home offices, looking again for electronics, then jewelry and other items they can easily carry out either in a jacket or small duffel bag.

All in all, the vast majority of home invasions take less than 10 minutes, or less time than it might take to walk down to a convenience store for a half gallon of milk, or drive to the supermarket. One advantage of security systems is that while they cannot protect against homeowners leaving doors and windows unlocked, the various sensors allow for a rapid response with companies serving Bucks County and eastern Pennsylvania able to quickly alert police as the alarms sound. The latter can scare off many criminals who do not want to bet on the response time of local police.

Security Systems Add Another Layer of Protection

Getting a consultation with a Bucks County security system firm helps homeowners and facility managers understand what risks are present and how to minimize them. Protection doesn’t require the exotic systems seen in classic heist movies, rather certain amenities and sensors can make a significant difference in the level of risk one faces.

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