Insurance Discounts for Home and Business Security Systems

Residential Securiy - DMP KeypadThe primary reason most people contact a Bucks County security monitoring firm is because they want their valuables and assets protected whether it is in a residential or a business setting. However, many people also take out insurance policies on their homes, and many businesses are required to do so. Once a new system is installed, there may be additional savings available to those who report the features to their insurer.

Home Security Systems and Insurance Policy Discounts

Having smoke detectors in your house will usually net a tiny discount on homeowners’ insurance, but many of the features that security monitoring companies in Bucks County provide can mean a much lower rate during the period of your contract.

You might be able to save five to 10 percent by installing a variety of detection systems that go beyond limiting physical harm due to fires. Newer sensors include water leak detectors that can even be connected to the source for an automatic shutdown if levels become too high. Many newer homes are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors in addition to smoke detectors.

However, tying all of these sensors together makes it more likely that emergency responders will be able to protect property while your home security monitoring company can set off alarms to prevent asphyxiation, excessive flooding and any other potential property risks following a full consultation and property review.

Bucks County Business Property Coverage

Property coverage focuses on tangible assets, including any buildings owned by a company, information technology (IT) infrastructure and even existing inventory. Totaling the cash value of these items can range into the millions of dollars, even for small and medium businesses. In that case, property coverage is critical in order to avoid wiping out any financial reserves or investments.

Yet just as with home security systems, business owners can benefit from installing or improving their security monitoring systems. Insurers who are responsible if those same high-priced items are destroyed in a fire or flood or other event will provide discounts when there are protections in place. In the case of manufacturers, for example, flooding from cooling systems can cause significant damage.

Other catastrophes can affect both employees and machines. A good example is the semiconductor industry. While commonly thought of as clean, those working in manufacturing electronics from wafers to LEDs know that there are numerous dangers. Exotic wafer baths using acids and bases are usually automated but there is a significant risk of arsine and phosphine gases if monitoring systems are not in place or if manufacturing equipment is even somewhat out of date.

Security Systems and Business Liability Coverage

Businesses in Bucks County have a duty to provide reasonably safe premises both for employees as well as customers or clients. To that end, an extensive security system that provides detection for outside intruders may help reduce the cost to insure a property based on the reduced likelihood of criminals entering the property and harming any occupants.

What is more likely, however, is either fire or water damage. To meet municipal codes, fire alarms are mandatory at various points of either an office or other business property including manufacturing facilities. Adding carbon monoxide sensors and flood or water spill sensors in locations recommended by a security company reduce the likelihood of smoke inhalation during fires and potential slips and falls or mildew growth due to excessive fluids.

Final Notes

While this is a general overview of what kind of discounts are usually available to those with homeowner’s insurance or policies for business properties, it should not be considered an exhaustive list.

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