Home Security: Protecting Your Home From Intruders

Home Security Systems Bucks PAMany people have lock-boxes at home or safe deposit boxes at their local banks in order to store important documents like stock certificates, birth records and more. However, when considering home security systems, many don’t think of upgrading their protection to include safes and vaults depending on their requirements for protection from burglary. Whether it is at home or for businesses of all sizes, these types of protection can offer one last line of defense against criminals looking for an easy burglary.

Safes and Vaults vs. Comparable Security Options

Stuffing things under one’s mattress is more of a cliché than anything else, but that does not mean that some people are not willing to think outside of the box when it comes to protecting their valuables. Unfortunately, many are not as original as homeowners and businesses might think.

  1. Backs of the closet/bottoms of the sock or underwear drawers – This is geared more towards consumers, but both residential and commercial property owners often think that they can outwit burglars. Shoving important jewelry under boxers or behind old suits may seem like a great idea, just like sticking important files on the bottom of a drawer. However, whether it is through experience, reading spy novels or some combination of the two, many thieves know to look in these areas and rifle through clothes or other storage spaces. With no access control, it’s easy for them to make off with valuables.
  2. Free-standing safes and lock-boxes – These options are significantly safer than trying to choose a less-obvious place in one’s home or business. With a good lock, it can be difficult for a burglar to break into one on-site and make off with important documents, jewelry and other valuables. That on-site qualifier is critical, however. Unless the unsecured safe is heavy enough to make it difficult to lift, thieves can simply bring it with them and use whatever means they have available to break into it at their leisure.

Types of Home and Business Safes and Vaults

Heavy free-standing safes may be an option for some families and their existing home security system should play a role in what types of protection they have for valuables. However, more common choices for people who have high-value items they want to protect include wall-mounted and floor safes. These offer more protection than other safes because it is harder to remove them and they are also often made with locks that are more difficult to pick by criminals.

Businesses and high net-worth individuals may want to opt for a vault or very large safe to handle daily cash deposits, valuables at hotels and anything else that needs to be secured such as fine gemstones and gold materials for jewelers. Keep in mind that there is usually a certain amount of construction involved with installing these security devices and it can help to get a consultation with a staff member at a Bucks County security company in order to understand what will be necessary for a successful installation.

Tips on Location and Types of Safes and Vaults

The primary consideration for a safe or vault location should be structural stability. It may seem like a great idea to put a safe behind a painting, but depending on the construction it is not going to work if that painting is located on a non-load-bearing wall. Similarly, constraints about the size of the safe will dictate where in a home or business it can be located, as will building codes. A floor safe in a restaurant that causes issues with electrical and plumbing lines will require some work with a security consultant in order for it to be a viable option.

In part, homeowners and employees will still benefit if vaults and safes are somewhat camouflaged. A floor safe that is under easily-moved furniture or other objects is one option. However, the location will only dissuade casual criminals. The goal is to have a security system and safe that meet your goals for ease of access to important valuables without making them as easy for burglars to get to. It may mean that in addition to installing a new safe or vault, consumers and firms will want to update their entire security system which will be the first line of defense and help prevent theft before a burglar can even get to these

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