Security Isn’t Just About Break-Ins

Home security systems are about protecting occupants from various threats, and for many people that means cameras and alarms to prevent intrusions and theft. For a long time now, smoke detectors, and more recently carbon monoxide detectors, have also played a critical role in limiting the effects of fire or toxic gases. Yet homes and buildings of all types face more problems than that, and firms like Holicong Security have the answers in the form of environmental sensors.

Fire and Dangerous Gas

The most common detection systems used in both residential and commercial security systems remain the most important. Having a working smoke detector and sensors designed to pick up carbon monoxide reduce the two primary concerns for homeowners and small business professionals. A fire can quickly destroy entire rooms and the costly electronics and furniture in them. Some studies indicate that within just a couple minutes, a small fire can spread to enough rooms that it is difficult to fight.

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Protect you home and family from hidden dangers.

Carbon monoxide is pernicious as well. Not only can it kill via suffocation, but it is colorless and odorless. Without a detector in place and operating, employees and residents may be at risk without even knowing about it. Propane does have an odor, but leaks can occur when no one is around with explosive consequences. Homeowners should consider adding detectors if they use propane in any capacity.

These two types of protection are critical in another way: both residential and commercial buildings must pass inspections by government officials before they may be used. Homeowners’ and business liability insurance policies may also require their installation in order to begin coverage. Adding sprinkler systems or other fire detection solutions may also be required in certain instances and may result in lower premiums. Continue reading

Small Businesses Need Security

Business Security SystemsA small business has important assets, both in terms of the human capital of qualified employees as well as the machines and equipment that allow them to bring great ideas to fruition. Yet many owners may not realize that there are many significant benefits to installing a multi-faceted small business security system, from protection against crime and weather events to savings on insurance premiums. Here are several areas any manager or owner should consider for their offices and/or facilities.

Customer-Facing Areas

Places where employees interact with the public lend themselves to sensors on the doors and windows as well as video surveillance of varying degrees. Employers may want to watch over areas where money is handled, such as at the register. For those worried about theft, cameras trained on the entrance can provide evidence of who the criminal might be. On the other hand, for small businesses like restaurants, it may be important to have monitored smoke alarms so that help can be dispatched quickly and minimize any damage caused by fires from nearby cooking areas.

As with areas with high-priced equipment such as those used for high-tech manufacturing, small business owners may also want to consult with a security company about what type of access control system they want for their employees so that it is easy to open for business and lock up at the end of the day. Continue reading

Your New Security Alarm System – Winter Tips

Home Security - Winter TipsWith a new year, many people may be reviewing their bills and, more importantly, their assets having had to look at their financial paperwork for taxes anyway. There are a number of benefits for people to consider installing an alarm system at this time of year. We’ll outline a few of them. However, the cold months also create some challenges for the sensors and for new users, so we’ll also touch on those issues.

Benefits of a Professionally-Installed Security Alarm System

For many people, home security systems are supposed to reduce the possibility of burglars or other criminal intruders from making off with valuables, including jewelry and electronics. Modern equipment does this very well: in addition to the normal door sensors, professional alarm system installation technicians can also include pressure sensors to identify thieves traipsing through certain areas and microphones that identify when window panes shatter. Along with those sensors, many families and businesses may also consider other factors.

After all, crime is not the only threat that a home or business can face where a home security system can help. Thanks to remote monitoring and updates in technology, freezing temperatures don’t have to mean coming home to a flooded basement. Modern alarm systems include options for moisture sensors that can be used to detect standing water due to pipes cracking. Even before that calamity occurs, temperature sensors set to notify homeowners and monitoring services of low temperatures can prevent problems. Continue reading