Security Isn’t Just About Break-Ins

Home security systems are about protecting occupants from various threats, and for many people that means cameras and alarms to prevent intrusions and theft. For a long time now, smoke detectors, and more recently carbon monoxide detectors, have also played a critical role in limiting the effects of fire or toxic gases. Yet homes and buildings of all types face more problems than that, and firms like Holicong Security have the answers in the form of environmental sensors.

Fire and Dangerous Gas

The most common detection systems used in both residential and commercial security systems remain the most important. Having a working smoke detector and sensors designed to pick up carbon monoxide reduce the two primary concerns for homeowners and small business professionals. A fire can quickly destroy entire rooms and the costly electronics and furniture in them. Some studies indicate that within just a couple minutes, a small fire can spread to enough rooms that it is difficult to fight.

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Protect you home and family from hidden dangers.

Carbon monoxide is pernicious as well. Not only can it kill via suffocation, but it is colorless and odorless. Without a detector in place and operating, employees and residents may be at risk without even knowing about it. Propane does have an odor, but leaks can occur when no one is around with explosive consequences. Homeowners should consider adding detectors if they use propane in any capacity.

These two types of protection are critical in another way: both residential and commercial buildings must pass inspections by government officials before they may be used. Homeowners’ and business liability insurance policies may also require their installation in order to begin coverage. Adding sprinkler systems or other fire detection solutions may also be required in certain instances and may result in lower premiums.

Environmental Sensors

As security systems become more comprehensive, buyers are now able to add detection for things that were not previously possible. Protection from events like flooding, broken HVAC systems and malfunctioning machinery are all now possible thanks to the integration of sensors that monitor for extreme temperature fluctuations and flooding sensors.

The latter work by monitoring for moisture at ground level and above and are important in both residential and commercial settings. It can be difficult otherwise to notice that pipes have cracked or leaks have begun in lesser-used areas of the home, especially in the basement. If the sensor trips, it can afford enough time to move any threatened valuables, find things to soak up the water, and make the call to a handyman or plumber.

A combination of propane sensors or others that can detect natural gas can also be valuable for homeowners who opt for temperature monitoring. If a pilot light goes out, gas can quickly fill up a house and lead to an explosion if it spreads to an ignition source such as a stove. The temperature sensor, monitoring for extreme cold, can provide warnings if this occurs or if a heating system simply stops working.

Monitoring and Offsite Alerts

The influx of technology into the security system market is a boon for families and business owners alike. Whether running errands or on vacation, companies like Holicong Security can provide monitoring from a central station in Bucks County for the surrounding areas. This speeds up the time it will take for first responders to appear on site and minimize the damage caused by flooding, fire or other catastrophes.

Connecting a business or home security system with the internet is now much more common and provides significant benefits. Web-based interfaces can allow an owner to review camera footage and in some cases provide access to climate control systems. Holicong Security also offers systems that can send SMS text message alerts if any environmental sensors are tripped. In the case of flooding, for instance, this enables property owners to contact a plumber before things get out of hand.

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