Master Key Systems for Commercial Security

Master Key Systems for Small Business Security Solutions

Small business owners, commercial property owners, and even apartment building managers all share a common problem: there are many doors that require locks or access control and all key holders are not made equal. A building supervisor needs to be able to access all areas, an apartment renter just one. A cost-effective way of providing limited access to groups of people without high-tech alternatives for business security systems is the use of a master key system.

Any lock that can be opened with a key works in the same basic manner. There are a set of several pins of differing sizes that otherwise prevent the cylinder, or tumbler from rotating. When the key is inserted, it moves these pins to varying heights, creating a gap or shear line that enables the tumbler to rotate. However, one way to add more than one key is to use two pins instead of one. This allows for two different shear lines, or more simply, allows two keys cut in a slightly different fashion to open the same lock.How Master Key Lock Sets Work

Benefits of Master Keys from Trusted Locksmith Services Companies

As noted above, the primary use of a master key system is to restrict access to various locked areas so that only certain personnel can access them. There can be multiple levels of access possible, but the easiest way to explain it may be to imagine a hotel that offers regular rooms and luxury suites.

In that case, each traveler would receive a key that will only open the door to their room or suite. Cleaning personnel might only be assigned to the floors that offer the standard rooms and be able to access those floors or just one or two. Concierges or others that take care of suite users would only have access to those rooms. Any security staff would have access to all of those rooms, both luxury and regular, but perhaps not access to the back office, creating a sub-master key that enables them to open even more doors than the cleaning staff. Managers and building owners might then have the true master key that unlocks all of the doors in the building.

In this way, business owners can restrict access to the minimum level required by the type of job duties performed by employees. It offers a cost-effective way to provide layered access in business security systems at a fraction of the price of some alternatives. Further, by working with a trusted provider of master keys, like Holicong Security, business and property owners can ensure that only registered users will have access to keys with a roster kept at our secure facility.

Common Applications for Business Security Systems

While residential and tourist applications are a common example of the benefits of master key systems, companies in a variety of sectors have benefited from this cost-effective access control solution. Other examples include hospitals, government facilities, banks, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

In the case of factories and warehouses, the separation can be important in the case of clean rooms or storage areas that contain dangerous chemicals that some staff may not be trained to work with on a regular basis. For government facilities and banks the protection of records, as well as any vaults and safe deposit boxes can benefit from master key systems. Safe deposit boxes are a common example, especially where a bank employee is required to insert a secondary key in order for the box or room to be unlocked for an account holder at the financial institution.

While these are common scenarios seen by Holicong Security staff, the list is by no means exhaustive. Any company considering business security systems may benefit from the introduction of a master key system in order to restrict access for certain personnel and to increase protection for areas with high value equipment or materials.

Upgrade to a Master Key System with Holicong Security

Holicong Security is a family business that has been the trusted source for commercial protection opens in Bucks County and the surrounding areas for decades. A master key system is an affordable way to improve area-specific security without having to worry about all sorts of sensors or other issues.

We’ve worked with municipalities, manufacturing facilities and banks, so we know what alarm systems and access controls will work in a variety of environments. Contact us today for a consultation about upgrading your security by calling us at 215-794-7542 or filling out the contact form above.

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  1. Years ago I lost the only set of keys to a business garage and come to find out the keys ended up locked inside the garage (we have an automatic shutting door to the garage and the opener was on the keys). We had to get a locksmith to save us. I worry with a home security system that the need to get into my own property would be a greater challenge (since I don’t have hired staff that maintains for us). Do home security systems allow you access via keypad?

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