Monitor Your Home Security System From Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and tablets may not be completely ubiquitous, but they are extremely common. To take advantage of this constant connectivity, it is now possible to access or receive notifications from your home security system in Bucks County on a multitude of devices. Here are some offerings that Holicong Security feels best benefit customers:

Home Security Systems - Home MonitoringE-Technology Notification and Monitoring

Holicong Security recognizes that while people may be away from home, they are not out of contact. So we provide security system services that include notifications to your mobile device of any alarm signals that occur throughout the system. This includes not just perimeter monitoring and burglar alarms, but also our various environmental sensors that can detect gas leaks, flooding, and temperature spikes or drops. If your email account is suddenly unavailable, you can access a history of these notifications through our online account information system.

For more hands-on homeowners, additional technology enables access to a variety of video-based services. Holicong Security systems can provide a secure live stream of any cameras you have installed to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or to any internet-connected computer. This allows you to always keep an eye on what’s going on in your home. We can also set up security monitoring installations that send short video clips of areas where a sensor or alarm system has been tripped. This makes it easy to tell if a burglar got into your home or a teenager forgot to disarm the alarm once they got in the door.

Home Automation and More with Z-Wave Wireless

Many customers who shop for security monitoring services in Montgomery County find that it is easy to use the installed system for a wide variety of other home tasks. One of the best options for home automation, as an adjunct benefit to a security system, is with the Z-Wave wireless device system. It can play a role in access control, as Z-Wave devices can be linked to locks throughout the home and operated via secure mobile apps as well as computers and laptops.

However, it goes further than that, as homeowners can also use modules hooked up to lighting throughout the home. The Z-Wave wireless system can also link up thermostats and any electronic devices, including televisions and home entertainment centers. This enables homeowners to turn these off if they forgot to do so. People who prefer to use the security system trick of making it appear as if they are at home, when In fact they are on a business trip or vacation, can also use this mobile and online application to turn lights on at night.

What Mobile-Accessible Home Security Systems Make Sense For You

There are so many different ways to provide remote access to perimeter alarm systems and to use home automation that a homeowner may feel somewhat overwhelmed. However, the goals of any home security system are based on general security concerns, which the mobile notifications should augment.

As an example, video surveillance is a feature of home security systems that can be hidden in key areas throughout the home as well as covering entrance points. Adding email or mobile notifications is an intermediary step that can allow homeowners to be proactive. This can be augmented with the remote viewing features available to Holicong customers.

In terms of home automation, there are a variety of reasons why it may make sense for many property owners. Those with teenage children or who have forgetful family members will appreciate the ability to lock up from miles away. It also provides a measure of comfort and may make sense for business travelers, among others.

Find the Right Security Monitoring Service with Holicong Security

Family owned and operated for decades, the Holicong Security family includes all of our customers who trust us with their home and business security needs. While the above are general guidelines, you can also contact our experienced security consultants to work out a plan that meets your need for protection and takes your budget into account. Call us at 215-794-7542 or click on the contact form in the top right so we can help you get the best security system for your needs.

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