5 Reasons To Install A Video Surveillance System

Security Cameras - Video SurveillanceVideo surveillance systems have come a long way since the days of grainy CRT television screens and the large bulky 480p cameras connecting them using long, unwieldy cords. Imagine if you could travel into the past and tell your 80s self that one day, she’ll be able to monitor her home from a mobile telephone device 50 miles away, and even shut her lights on and off with a swipe of the screen.

Security for the SMB to the Corporation
Better yet, how about your Philadelphia, PA business, and the wonders that a video surveillance system can do for it? The advantages that security cameras can confer on a business cannot be understated; given the many ways your company could be held legally responsible for actions in-and-around your building. The initial costs should be weighed against these priceless benefits:

1. The verdict is in: video surveillance systems might at first appear to sacrifice employee privacy, but the truth is, they protect both your business and your employees. Obviously, theft is significantly minimized when a camera system is employed. Even more importantly, workplace harassment is no longer a concern, given the ease with which a complaint can be verified. Basically, the system acts as both a deterrent, and as the final word on an otherwise indecipherable situation.

2. Besides protecting your inventory, reducing possible instances of sexual harassment and other forms of abuse in the workplace, video surveillance systems can be gold in more serious cases – where police investigation might be necessary. If criminals break into the building, video evidence is of great help when it comes to filing an insurance claim. Even better, the perpetrators will be caught on camera, which often gives police detectives crucial information – even if the criminals are disguised.
Video Surveillance Monitoring Philadelphia PA Business

3. As a business-owner, you likely have several kinds of insurance. Depending on the specifics of the policy, video surveillance systems might significantly lower your insurance premiums. A business that’s well-protected by cameras also lowers the regrettable instances when employees or clients try to file false claims against the company they work for. If thieves break into the office and steal, video cameras might not help much to identify them if they’re well-disguised, but the surveillance definitely helps you in your insurance claims to recover the value of the stolen property.

4. There isn’t a security measure you can implement that wouldn’t work better in conjunction with a video surveillance system. You can have limited points of entry and egress to control traffic, or alarms on doors – a camera system takes all of these to the next level. You could even have the video system tied to the alarms, such that the cameras come to life when the alarm is tripped – to save video storage space and conserve energy. Or, you can choose to always have the cameras on at night, so that even if the alarm is tripped, the perpetrators can be seen fleeing. This can give the police something to go on later.

5. Extra security during business hours. Video surveillance can not only mitigate risk, they also let you control who gets into the building. The ability to identify non-employees before they get in the building is crucial, especially in high-risk industries such as law (dissatisfied clients, etc). For people who work well into the night, a scan of the property before you leave can be of great help.

Ultimately, video surveillance systems pay for themselves very quickly, given the host of ways they protect your Philadelphia business. From protecting your business and its most valuable assets (your employees), to possibly lowering insurance premiums, they may be the most cost-effective asset you can get. After all, what other service do you have that is capable of protecting your entire operation?

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