The Most Important Features of a Residential Alarm System

Residential Alarm SystemA home alarm is an electronic system that notifies a homeowner of emergency situations or unusual events occurring around a residence. (An unusual occurrence can include an intrusion or a fire emergency.)

Most home alarm devices are attached to door openings and windows, since these entries tend to be used by intruders. A sensor is attached to your home’s entries and exits, and a central monitoring service is notified when anything out of the ordinary happens at your residence. Third party authorities, such as the police or other emergency responders, are then sent notice.

The Best Residential Alarm System for Your Home

Your home’s alarm system will need to include certain features that are tailored to your particular residence. If you have relatives in the home who are under the care of a doctor, for instance, you may require more of a medical monitoring system.

Your home alarm will need to be useful to the environment that it’s monitoring. Homes that are located in exceptionally cold areas of the country, like Bucks and Montgomery counties this winter, will require a low temperature alarm, which notifies residents if the house becomes colder than a predetermined setting. A temperature monitor may also be needed if you have an indoor green house, or if you have small pets in the home.

Being away at work during the day may require that you add certain home monitoring features. Homes located in flood prone regions will need extra protection against any water problems. Carbon monoxide needs to be evaluated in most houses that have a history of this type of problem. Standard burglary and fire detection can be included.

Technology has changed the way home alarm systems operate and are installed. There are two types of systems you can choose from. A standard system may have its own wiring that needs to be laid out in various rooms of your house, while wireless alarm systems are the state of the art method of protecting a house. A wireless system tends to be the more popular of the two, since a system with its own wiring can be cumbersome and easily disabled.

Remote control monitoring is one modern option that makes a system more appropriate for some home owners. You may be away from the house most of the day, while you are at work. A remote control monitoring system will allow you to receive telephone messaging from your home alarm system, which can notify you about any unusual events. This can be a good option for anyone who is frequently out of town.

Given the icy and snowy winters here in Bucks and Montgomery counties, a back-up power source needs to be included in a system. This type of power back up can prove especially important if you’re away from your home, and your house is burglarized during that time. A burglar can disable your electrical system, and having a power back up battery or generator can help to avoid any security system shut down in these instances.

Your new residential alarm system should have a self inspection function. This type of self monitoring allows your system to provide reliable performance during a burglary or fire, for example. Any alteration to your home security system will automatically send out a signal to a central processing service, and this service can actually call in your emergency for you.

How to Select a Home Alarm System

A new alarm system will need to meet your own very specific needs. Most systems provide protection for home intrusions and fires, although you may require more extensive protection for certain environmental concerns that are relevant to your area of the country. Smoke and heat sensors can be placed in certain areas of your home that are more sensitive to these problems.

A glass break detector can be installed, if you have certain windows or doors that can be readily broken.

A movement detector will pick up any movements within your house and then alert a central security service for your home. (A movement detector is not used if you are at home, or if your pet is in the house alone.)

You can select emergency services as specific options. A home with medical emergencies may want to have a more comprehensive method of notifying an ambulance or specific doctor’s office, for example. A medical device can be added to your home alarm system. This type of medical alarm has its own button that can be pushed for home medical emergencies. You can have this service added for elderly relatives who are staying with you. A sudden fall at home can be aided with an emergency medical call to the selected medical authority.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of this information on choosing the right home alarm system features. I had no idea that the wired system can be easily disabled because of the wiring that goes to all of the different rooms. If that’s the case, then the safest systems are obviously the wireless ones. In fact, while I’m looking for a system for my house, I’ll be sure to rule out any systems that aren’t wireless.

  2. I hadn’t really thought about it, but you bring up some good points about the benefits of a wireless home security system. After all, a wired system just makes things too easy for burglars to disable. It might even help to make sure that you can control the wireless system remotely either with your phone or an actual remote.

  3. My wife has been wanting us to look into getting a security system. I’m glad you talked about how we can best choose a system to protect our assets. I’m going to have to look for a good home alarm system and figure out what we can find! Thanks!

  4. It’s helpful to remember that a security system can watch out for other important things like carbon monoxide and flooding as well as intruders. My wife and I just got a new house and want to feel more confident that it’s safe while we’re away. Finding a service that can tell us if anything is going wrong while we’re not there could give us a lot of peace of mind.

  5. It caught my attention when you explained that home alarm systems can include detection systems to notify you if any glass windows in the house are broken. My husband and I want to have a home security system installed before we move to our new house next month since it’s in a busy area. Thanks for helping me feel more prepared to evaluate and choose the best system to buy!

  6. An alarm system is a basic necessity these days. Monitoring the hazards and keeping our home in a safe condition, truly gives peace of mind. We can focus more on what we are working than getting worried about the security of home. Thank you for all the helpful tips shared through this post.

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