Local & Federal Government Building Security in Bucks County

building security in bucks countyThe need to secure federal, state and local government infrastructure and property is an ever-constant issue. At no point in time can any organization be completely assured that all measures that can be taken have been taken, and then forget about the issue.

The security of government buildings is one such area that now faces more and more risk, owing especially to the multitude of threats aimed at the government from potential bad actors both international and domestic.

Unlike traditional approaches, terrorists, saboteurs and religious extremists are now targeting government infrastructure in an ever-evolving sphere of modern war. Consequently, the federal, state and local governments must approach the security of buildings from a new perspective.

Scope of Building Security

As the government and various civilian institutions go about implementing security protocols and measures, it may be useful to review the elements of any good security system.

External Threats

Any security measures put in place must have a system for identifying potential outside threats. The focus must be in trying to contain any danger outside before it gets inside the building. Adequate surveillance and inspection sites outside the building but within the property limits are one way to go about it. The use of checkpoints and barricades is another method, particularly favored by law enforcement, military and intelligence units.

Entry Points

It is standard procedure to ensure that all main entrances to a building are secured with full proof authentication measures. Key card access systems, among others, limit the entry of unwanted or unauthorized personnel into and in the building. Such a measure also tracks the movement of persons inside the building, allowing people only to be where they have authority and permission to be. Special access authentication should be provided for special personnel such as cleaning crews, maintenance personnel or contractors.

Interior Security and Alarms

It should be a matter of course that proper monitoring devices be present. Video surveillance, intercoms and motion sensors can all be used to account for people’s whereabouts while inside the building. Emergency communication equipment should be on hand in key areas of the building in case of crisis or emergency. Government buildings and private homes should all have communication systems to contact the police and emergency services if an eventuality that necessitates them arises.

Alarms and communication systems should be updated, and should be familiar to individuals in the building. They should also be easily accessible and recognizable. It is wise to put in place anti-intrusion measures and multiple redundancies as a measure of preventing the tampering and disabling of these systems where thieves and saboteurs are concerned.

Secured Internal Locations

For the purposes of conducting important meetings and personal protection, there should be areas in government buildings that are free from surveillance, equipped with top security measures and not open to outside and unauthorized personnel. These can serve as places for having critical meetings or as a refuge in worst-case scenarios. Private homes often have a panic room that is a last resort in case of intruder penetration or other emergencies, such as fire or tornadoes.

Emerging Issues in Building Security

As mentioned above, security protocols need to be constantly evolving to adequately meet the diverse forces that seek to penetrate government and home infrastructure. Cyber attacks are a good example and probably one that has received little consideration. The prevalence of hackers and online saboteurs can only lead to the conclusion that they will turn to infiltrating government installations. 2012 saw industrial complexes hit by malware designed to cripple operations, and it is not a big leap from that to critical infrastructure. Alongside government building security, critical infrastructure elements such as nuclear power plants and power grids may be at risk, physically and by cyber attacks.

To address some of these issues, dedicated security firms now offer state-of-the-art advice and direction on building security. Holicong Security in Bucks County, PA is one that has taken the unique approach of designing security packages for homes, businesses, corporations and government facilities.

By careful consideration, all vulnerable points in a building can be determined and accounted for. Holicong provides a unique, experienced perspective that accounts for all these potential risk points. Each type of building is different, and the prescribed security measures are tailored to meet each building’s unique needs.

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Holicong Security also offers secure lock systems that are designed to be tamper-proof. Special considerations for master key access can be made at the request of the client. Additionally, re-keying services are available for all types of doors and entry points. If a need for securing sensitive materials exists, Holicong provides the latest in safes and security vaults for the protection of crucial documents and items.

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