Best Practices for Motion Sensor Installation

motionsensorIf you’ve decided to install a motion sensor in your home or business, you are one step closer to a safer living/working environment. Yet you can’t place your new motion sensors just anywhere. Let’s take a look at the best places to position motion sensors.

Why Motion Sensor Placement Matters

The positioning of your new motion sensors is critical to ensuring your security. A poorly placed motion sensor will not only put your well-being in jeopardy, it will also cause other problems like false alarms. Passive infrared motion detectors are the main type of sensors installed in home security systems. Their role is to measure the temperature of objects within a designated space.

If there is a rapid change in the temperature of a certain object, the alarm could be triggered. All it takes is something as simple as the movement of the human body for the alarm to be triggered. This is why precautions must be taken to prevent false alarms.

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The Best Places to Install Commercial Security Cameras

commercial security camerasNo matter how many people work for you, you can’t expect to have eyes on every area of your building.

That’s why good security cameras are so important. They go where your eyes can’t go, and make a record of what’s happening at work when no one is around.

Nearly half of all employers use security cameras to protect against theft or violence, according to an American Management Association survey from 2014. Are you thinking about joining their number? Here are a few places where commercial security cameras might do the most good.

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