The Best Places to Install Commercial Security Cameras

commercial security camerasNo matter how many people work for you, you can’t expect to have eyes on every area of your building.

That’s why good security cameras are so important. They go where your eyes can’t go, and make a record of what’s happening at work when no one is around.

Nearly half of all employers use security cameras to protect against theft or violence, according to an American Management Association survey from 2014. Are you thinking about joining their number? Here are a few places where commercial security cameras might do the most good.


Anyone who might cause trouble for you – a thief, a disgruntled ex-employee, a problem customer – will likely head first to your main entrances. If you have a security camera at an entrance, it alerts you and your staff to the presence of an intruder right away.

By having a camera near your entrance, you’re giving yourself a better chance to capture images of someone’s face, which can help with identification. To get the clearest images, face the cameras inside to prevent the image from being washed out by light coming in from outside.

And if you have a camera near your entrance, consider putting monitors close by to serve as a deterrent to intruders.


Like the entrances, your reception area gets a lot of traffic. It’s the first place most customers interact with your business, and it’s often an area where businesses keep cash registers. Obvious security cameras can seem threatening, so consider designs that can blend with your décor. (Be cautious when considering hidden cameras. Your state’s law may prohibit them.)

Work Areas

This one is pretty obvious. You can make sure your workers are actually working, and also have evidence if anyone complains about being the victim of harassment. A security camera can provide you with proof of what’s going on and help you investigate and bring the matter to a close.

Storage Areas

Storage can mean a lot of things. We don’t simply mean the places you keep consumer goods. Of course, you’ll want to protect supply rooms and warehouses from theft, but you should also monitor areas where you store information, whether that information is on paper or in a digital format.

Have your cameras mounted high so they can look down into drawers and file cabinets. And be sure to make sure these areas are well lit at all times to get clear recordings and images. When you install cameras in these areas, they will act as a deterrent, and if you are the victim of a theft, you’ll have an easier time finding the perpetrator.

 Loading Docks

Loading docks are a pretty obvious target for theft. Workers can get distracted while unloading goods, making it easy for a thief to come along and leave with a new delivery.

There’s also a lot of physical labor happening on a loading dock, and a camera can help you monitor worker safety. If someone is injured, you’ll have the information you need to handle worker compensation claims (or the proof you need to protect against a false claim.)

Again, it’s crucial to keep this area well-lit in order to capture clear images of what’s happening.

Hidden areas

The outer edge of your parking lot. The dumpster out back. The narrow alley next to the building. All of these are prime spots for vandalism or violence and thus important locations for your security cameras.

Your dumpster can actually aid employees in carrying out thefts. They can throw the stolen object in the trash, and then retrieve from the dumpster later. Once again, you need proper lighting in these areas if your cameras are going to be effective.

Not Sure Where to Install Cameras? Holicong Security Can Help

At Holicong Security, we believe that the ideal security solution is the one that protects your business, and grows along with it. We offer a range of video surveillance options for your company, and can find and install the perfect system for businesses of any size. A properly placed and maintained video surveillance system will help you feel confident that your business is protected.

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