A Security Checklist for Bucks County New Homeowners

PA home security systemIn the time it takes you to read this sentence, someone in America will have committed a burglary.

It’s just basic statistics. According to the FBI crime clock, someone commits a burglary every 16 seconds.

We recognize that this might seem like an alarming statistic for new homeowners, but our aim here isn’t to scare people, but to get them to think about PA home security systems. Use this security checklist to help make your new home a safer place.

1. Are the doors and windows secure?

Check all the doors in your home. Make sure they have strong frames, hinges that are protected, and are made from solid – not hollow – wood. If you have a mail slot, make sure intruders wouldn’t be able to use it reach through and unlock the door.

And check your windows. The latches that came with them might be weak, so consider replacing them with stronger locks, and installing laminated or tempered glass. And even though many burglaries take place through first story windows, don’t neglect the windows on your upper floors as well.

2. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Mr. Rogers had the right idea: knowing who lives next door or across the street makes for a better neighborhood. So try to connect with your neighbors, and you’ll find that you’ve formed an extra line of defense against burglaries. When they know you and your family, they’ll know when something’s out of place and can call you when something seems suspicious.

Once you get to know your neighbors, you can even enlist one to perform a mock burglary, in which they’d go in and out of your house looking for things that aren’t secure. They can tell you if valuables are in plain sight or whether people can see into your home from outside.

3. Do you have a security plan?

While it’s important to secure your home, it’s just as important to make a plan for when things go wrong. Talk with your family about rules – locking doors when they leave, not opening the door to strangers, using the alarm system – and what they should do in case of a break-in or other emergency.

Make sure you know what resources are available to you. Look for a neighborhood watch program, and consult with your local police. They may be willing to send out an officer who can give you additional tips for securing your home.

4. Have you given burglars a place to hide?

Large shrubs and bushes offer burglars an easy place to hide. Trim them down, or opt for smaller plants altogether. And although most burglaries happen during the day, you still need to secure your home at night. Place lights with motion sensors in your front and back yards.

5. Does your home have a security system?

Given the population density in the region, New Jersey and Pennsylvania homeowners should seriously consider purchasing a security system for their home. It might seem like a big investment, but a home security system can do more than just protect against burglars. There are systems that include alarms and motion detectors, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

If you think it’s time to purchase a security system for your home, contact Holicong Security.

We’ve been providing high quality home protection for customers in Bucks and Montgomery counties for more than 60 years. Whether you’ve just moved in to your home or have been there for years, we can help make you more secure.

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