Your Guide to Home Security Hardware

bucks county home security keypadThere are a lot of simple, practical measures you can take to protect your home. Having fresh batteries in your smoke alarms. Locking your doors, and leaving some lights on at night if you’re out. Making sure mail/newspapers don’t pile up when you’re on vacation.

But for an added layer of protection, you need professional-installed security hardware. In the interest of Bucks County home security, we’ve put together this list of some common security hardware you can install in your home.

Keypad locks

Unlike a standard lock-and-key system, your keypad isn’t going to get picked. This Bucks County home security method can eliminate the need for carrying housekeys. Just think up a code, memorize it, and you’ll be able to get in and out with the touch of a few buttons.

It’s worth noting the downside of using a keypad: It’s easy for other people to get the code, whether that means one of your kids letting their friends know the password, or a burglar videotaping your hand motions as you let yourself into the house.

Control panels

Once you get inside your home, a security control panel can serve as a sort of communication command center for your house, controlling alarms, locks, lights and other systems and alerting you – and your security company – to emergencies with lights and/or alarms.


You can install a system that sets off a loud alarm whenever a break-in is detected. These systems can run as part of a control panel, or installed to operate on their own.


bucks county home security cameraCameras can capture and record any activity inside and outside your home. By placing them outdoors, you can discourage potential thieves or trespassers. And if someone does break in, a camera can provide you with evidence of a crime, which will help when dealing with police and your insurance company.

Inside the house, security cameras can give you a real-time view of everything going on in your home. Modern technology allows you to track the camera’s feed from basically anywhere, which means you could see what’s happening in your living room when you’re on vacation thousands of miles away.

Heat sensors

While smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are proven forms of fire prevention, you may want to add another level of protection by installing a heat sensor. These sensors can quickly alert you to any abnormal heat fluctuations in your home while also notifying your fire department.

There are also freeze detectors that can let you know if there’s a sudden drop in temperature. For example, if a window breaks during a storm, the sensor could alert you and allow you to avoid serious property damage.

Flood detectors

Anyone who’s lived through one can tell you, a flood can cause serious property damage. Flood detectors, when installed in vulnerable areas such as the basement, can notify you if it detects a fluctuation in moisture levels nearby, allowing you to minimize damage.

When they’re worried about home security, Bucks County homeowners call Holicong.

For more than 60 years, Holicong Security has helped property owners in Bucks County – as well as Montgomery County and western New Jersey – secure their homes. Whether it’s installing environmental alarms, access systems, burglar alarms, video surveillance or new locks, we’re ready to help you protect your home.

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  1. I think the addition of a heat sensor is very smart, especially for homes with young children and babies or elderly family members. The more prepared you are for an adverse event, the better your chances will be of having a desirable outcome. Better safe than sorry!

  2. Home security has become an important factor in today’s world. We must have all security systems needed to protect our assets. Stay safe by installing security systems at your home.

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