Tips for Securing Your Garage

Garage Door: Home Security in Bucks County

When most homeowners talk about home security in Bucks County, they often think about safety implements such as residential security systems, or perhaps multi-point locking units for their home’s front door.

To be sure, those ideas are all well and good. But where home security in Bucks County is concerned, there’s one major mistake we see time and again when it comes to considering a home’s overall security: Homeowners forget about the vulnerability of their garage. In many instances, a garage is a home’s weakest security link.

Intruders and career criminals, of course, are well versed in the ease of breaking into the garage of a typical American home. After all, once a criminal has gained access to your garage, making his way into your home will be that much easier. And naturally, most every professional burglar is aware of the valuables that are often stored in the average suburban home’s garage.

Those are just a couple of the many reasons you should take the security of your garage just as seriously as you take the security of your home itself. We suggest starting with the following garage security tips:

Keep Your Garage’s Interior Invisible

If a criminal can easily see that your garage is home to expensive tools, tech gadgets, or anything else with a relatively high resale value, you’re already behind the proverbial eight ball. That’s why we suggest keeping your garage’s windows covered—with blinds or curtains, for instance—or with tinted glass or translucent film. If a thief doesn’t know what’s inside your garage, he’ll probably be that much less likely to take the risk of breaking in.

Install Motion Detecting Lights

Not unlike our previous suggestion, having lights that detect motion installed outside your garage can be an inexpensive method of deterring potential thieves. A criminal’s work, of course, is made that much harder without the cover of darkness in which he can hide. Adding motion detecting lights at every angle at which your garage can be approached can be a surprisingly effective crime-deterring strategy.

Guard Your Garage Door Code and Remote with Care

Many modern automatic garage door openers come equipped with a very useful safety feature known as a rolling security code. Without getting too technical, these handheld openers automatically change your security code every time you open your garage door. If your opener doesn’t happen to have this feature, remember to always keep your code a secret. That means no sharing it with the cable guy, the pool boy, a delivery driver—no one, that is, outside your family and perhaps your closest friends.

Keeping your garage door opener on your person (and not in your car) when you’re running errands or at work is another simple but very important garage safety tip.

Heavy-Duty Anchors and Bolts

If you can afford it—and assuming the items stored inside your garage are valuable enough to warrant such an expense—you might want to consider guarding your garage in the same way commercial properties often guard their garage entrances.

You’ll find any number of bolt-latching systems available at just about any home supply warehouse, from cheap $10 models to incredibly secure and virtually unbreakable systems that run upwards of $100. If your garage door doesn’t lock automatically, adding a bolt latch or two certainly couldn’t hurt. But remember: You generally get what you pay for where security locks and bolts are concerned. If you choose to go too cheap, you’ll essentially just be throwing away your money.

Likewise, anchor kits that are designed to fasten to masonry or concrete are widely available at retail home stores. Bear in mind, however, that anchors won’t serve their purpose if they haven’t been properly installed. Drilling through concrete and installing fasteners can be tricky, so consider calling a professional to make sure the job is done right.

Other Options

There are so many different and unique ways to ensure that your home’s garage is nearly as impenetrable as a steel door. But out of sheer necessity, the options you choose may need to be very different from that of your neighbor’s. Is your garage detached from your home, for instance? Is it possible to connect your home’s security system to your garage? And if it is, is it safe to do so?

If you want the confidence of knowing your home’s security was vetted by a security industry pro (we call this level of confidence the “The Holicong Advantage”), get in touch with a Holicong Security team member today.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been providing home security in Bucks County by offering solutions that are specially tailored to the unique needs of residents and businesses. We’d love to learn about your needs. And as always, we look forward to helping you keep your loved ones safe.

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