What to do if you’ve lost your keys

locksmith in Bucks County for lost keys

We all have that moment, every so often, where we can’t find our keys.

We’re ready to leave for work, and they’re just not where you expected them to be. Eventually you find them, in a pocket, or on a table in the living room instead of their usual spot, and life goes on.

But there may come a day where you lose your keys, and you’re not at home. In this blog post, we’ll explore what you should do if you’ve lost your keys, and how a locksmith in Bucks County can help you fix the problem.

1. Are you SURE you’ve lost your keys?

Rack your brain. When was the last time you remember having the keys? Where did you put them down? Is it possible they’re still in the house?

Try to retrace your steps. If you were out of the house, but didn’t drive, call around to everywhere you stopped to check if anyone there found your keys.

2. Check with your neighbors

There are two good reasons to alert your neighbors that your keys have gone missing. First, it’s possible one of them has found them, saving you the trouble of calling a locksmith in Bucks County.

Secondly, it’s a good safety precaution. When you let your neighbors know that your keys are lost and that your doors may be unlocked, you’re letting them know they should be on the lookout for strange activity near your home.

3. Replacing or rekeying your locks

If your keys just can’t be found, it’s time to look for a locksmith in Bucks County. Ask your locksmith if it’s possible to just rekey the locks, rather than replacing them. Rekeying is the less expensive option.

You never know who has your keys. Former roommates, an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, one of your child’s friends, or even someone you trust could take advantage of having access to your home. Why take the risk when you can rekey the locks?

In some cases, locks can’t be rekeyed, and when you move into a new home, it’s always a good idea to replace the locks, as you don’t know who has a key to your place. Better to spend money on a locksmith than risk a burglary.

Other lock considerations:

  • Look for a bump-proof lock, which are difficult for thieves to break.
  • If the door in question has windows, make sure the internal lock isn’t within reach of them.
  • If that isn’t an option, use a lock that requires a key inside and outside. Hang the key close by. It’s important that you can easily get out of your home in case of an emergency.

When you lose your keys and need to replace or rekey your locks, and are searching for a locksmith in Bucks County, the experts at Holicong Security can help. We offer quick, professional re-keying for your home, or your business.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure your building is secure, whether you’re re-keying your locks or replacing them. But check to make sure your keys are definitely gone before you do.

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