Top 6 Reasons to Get Your Locks Changed

Bucks County locksmith installing door locks

Many people get their locks changed after they suffer a break-in, and that’s the right move.

Getting new locks installed can prevent whoever broke into your home from returning using a stolen key, but it can also help you reclaim your peace of mind.

But there are other reasons you may want to have your locks replaced that you might not have considered. Here are a few of the more common scenarios:

1. Your old locks are worn out

If you live in your home long enough, your locks will begin to wear out. Look for warning signs: locks that suddenly become difficult to open, or ones that open too easily.

By calling a Bucks County locksmith when you notice these warning signs, you’ll avoid getting locked out of you home due to a broken lock.

2. You’ve just moved in

If you’ve just bought a home, a call to a Bucks County locksmith should be one of the first things you do. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t trust the home’s previous owners. But there’s no way of knowing who might have gotten a hold of their spare keys.

At the same time, your move may have left your home open and unguarded for long stretches of time, enough time for a burglar to wander by and take note of your valuables. For all these reasons, your move into a new home should also involve new locks.

3. Someone has just moved out

A lot of divorces are amicable. Spouses go their separate ways without much bad blood. But some divorces can be painful, and you may have legitimate reasons to keep your ex-partner out of the house.

Or maybe you had a roommate, or a rented a room to a tenant who has gotten a new place. They gave back their keys, but you aren’t sure who they’ve shared their keys with. The same goes for workers – babysitters, housekeepers, landscapers, etc. – who have had keys to your home.

Again, everyone who has had access to your home might be trustworthy people, but not everyone parts ways on good terms. You’re better off taken the precaution of calling a Bucks County locksmith to have your locks changed.

4. You’ve done some remodeling

If you’ve had work done on your home, it might be time to have your locks changed. No matter how reliable your contractor might, there’s no telling whether they’ve given your keys to someone who is, shall we say, not reliable. Once your renovations are done, it’s time to change your locks.

5. You’ve lost your keys

This one is simple: if you lose your keys – meaning they’re gone, not temporarily misplaced – it’s time to call a Bucks County locksmith. Changing the locks may the only thing that prevents a burglary.

6. Your kids have their own keys

If you give your keys to your children so they can get into the house after school, it’s a smart idea to change the locks regularly. Your kids might lose their keys, or loan them out to their friends.

The same idea applies if you’ve gone out of town and given spare keys to your neighbors in case of an emergency. As we said before, you may trust them, but you don’t know who could have gotten their hands on your keys.

If you need the services of a Bucks County locksmith – either to replace or re-key your locks or install other security systems – contact Holicong Security.

When it’s time to get your locks changed – for whatever the reason – we’ll be there.

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  1. Thanks for the tip to get locks changed if you just went through a divorce. My sister just had a divorce, and she is concerned for her safety because her former husband was harsh towards her. I’ll tell her to hire a locksmith so she can get new locks for her home.

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