Why Knowing Your Neighbors Creates a Safer Community

Home Security in a Pennsylvania Neighborhood

If you’re a homeowner who happens to have a family, you’ve probably given at least a passing thought to the idea of investing in a home security system of some type or another: maybe a standard burglar alarm, or perhaps a video surveillance system. But of course, residential security devices don’t often come cheap. It’s probably safe to say that for most homeowners without a security system, the initial sticker shock was what kept them from making a purchase in the first place.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is being kept as safe as possible in their home—the one place we’re all supposed to feel completely safe and secure. Home security in Bucks County, let’s remember, is something we all need to take seriously; regardless of how safe our community is, home invasions, burglaries, and various minor crimes do still happen here from time to time.

If that sounds frightening, we really don’t mean it to. In fact, we’d like to use this article as an opportunity to discuss an aspect of home security in Bucks County that isn’t often discussed during conversations about high-end security systems: becoming friendly with your immediate neighbors.

Indeed, as this article’s title suggests, a security measure as simple as getting to know your neighbors can go a surprisingly long way toward keeping your home and your community significantly safer and more secure than it would otherwise be. Keep reading to learn a few of the ways you and your neighbors can work together to make home security in Bucks County as simple as keeping an eye out for your fellow neighbor.

First, Get to Know Your Neighbors

It’s a simple fact that your neighbors are much more likely to check in on you—or your home, if you happen to be away—if they know you and feel at least somewhat invested in your well-being. There are numerous ways to get to know your neighbors. If you’re new in the area, simply knock on doors and introduce yourself and your family. Likewise, if someone new moves onto your street, stop by to welcome them, perhaps with a freshly-baked treat.

Are You a Parent?

If you’re a parent, try to develop relationships with other parents at the local park, or those you tend to regularly pass on the street. If you have dogs you walk regularly, introduce yourself to other dog walkers, or even to locals who might approach your dog and ask to pet it.

When neighbors hear something potentially unusual happening at your home—the sounds of breaking glass, for instance, or the sounds of a struggle or fight—they’re less likely to second-guess themselves before calling 911 if they consider you a friend.

The Psychology of a Friendly Neighborhood

Why exactly does a neighborhood filled with people who know each other almost automatically become a safer place? There’s an anthropological concept known as “territoriality” that does a good job of explaining it. Essentially, territoriality refers to the way people communicate ownership of certain areas. In a neighborhood where most everyone is friendly with most everyone else, looking out for each other becomes second nature. That’s because, on some level, we see the entire neighborhood as “ours.”

Have Neighbors Collect Your Mail and Newspapers

Mail, newspapers, or packages that have piled up on doorsteps have always been one of the surest signs to a potential burglar that the home’s residents have been out of town for some time. Once you get to know and trust your neighbors, it’ll be much simpler to ask them to collect those items for you when you leave town. Naturally, you’ll want to make your neighbors aware of your willingness to do the same for them.

Neighborhood Home Security in PennsylvaniaConsider Exchanging Keys

If your efforts to get to know your neighbors go well—if you make a new acquaintance who you feel is particularly trustworthy, that is—consider asking them if they’d like to exchange spare house keys.

The idea here is that if either of you needs to leave town for more than just the weekend, one of you can stop by your neighbor’s house once or twice each day, just to make sure the place looks and feels occupied.

Sure, you might also ask them to water the plants and feed the cats. But activities as simple as turning the house and porch lights on and off throughout the day, and maybe tooling around in the front yard, can go a long way toward deterring a home invasion.

If you have a home security system, by the way, don’t forget to let them know. You’ll also need to decide whether you’re comfortable giving them the system’s pass code (which you should be able to change once your trip is over and you’ve returned home.)

Of course, no matter how tightly woven your neighborhood happens to be, it should probably be obvious that nothing can fully take the place of residential burglar alarm or other home surveillance system. To learn more about the residential security alarm solutions Holicong Security has been offering for more than 60 years, contact one of our Bucks County security professionals today.

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