A Guide to Concealing Your Valuables

Choose the right hiding spot for your valuables

Just like charity, home security begins, well, at home.

Yes, knowing your neighbors is important. And yes, a home security system is a wise investment. But there are steps you can take without leaving the house, such as concealing your valuables. It may seem like a simple step, but hiding valuable possessions like cash and jewelry can remove the incentive for criminals who can see the interior of your home.

You may read this and think “I already do that.” And maybe this blog post isn’t for you.

But there are some places in your home that aren’t great hiding spots. In fact, they’re the first places a burglar might look:

Inadvisable Hiding Spots for your Valuables

1. The mattress

How many movies or TV shows have you seen where someone had money squirreled away in their mattress? Burglars have seen those movies too.

2. Your freezer

Don’t think “This is the last place they’ll check.” Even if it is, it will only take a few seconds to search your freezer and find your valuables.

3. Drawers and closets

It might seem like it’s hard to find anything in your dresser or your closet, but thieves will be more determined, and more willing to ransack your room.

4. A portable safe

Your safe might be strong, but the guy who breaks into your house could be stronger. If your safe is small enough to lift, it isn’t protecting your valuables against someone willing to walk off with it now and worry about cracking it open later. If you’re going to have a safe, make sure it’s too heavy to carry away.

5. Books

Keeping cash in books is never a great idea. Burglars can flip through them in minutes and find what you’ve tucked away.

If you want to hide your valuables, consider these spots instead:

  • An old appliance – Do you have an old vacuum cleaner? A stereo that predates the iPod? It’s a perfect place to store things. A thief isn’t likely to take these apart in search of valuables.
  • A potted plant – Keep your items inside a waterproof bag, and then put that bag at the bottom of the pot, covered in soil.
  • Decoys and false fixtures – Invest in false light fixtures, air vents or electrical sockets, or search out decoy cleaning supplies to hide your valuables.


Even More Home Security Tips

Beyond these hiding places, here are a few other home security tips to consider:

1. Think about what people can see

When the sun goes down and you turn on the lights, it’s easy for people to see inside your home.

It’s also hard for you to see what’s outside. Give yourself more privacy by hanging dark curtains you can close in the evenings, making it harder for burglars to stake out your house.

2. Don’t keep too much cash at home

Like many people, you might have some emergency money tucked away somewhere. But that “somewhere” shouldn’t be at home.

Cash is easy to steal and impossible to recover. You won’t be able to prove that you had it to your insurance company. Keep your cash at the bank. If they get robbed, you’re covered by their insurance.

3. Change your passwords

Some thieves don’t need to break into your home. All they need is access to your computer. Make things harder for them by updating your passwords regularly, creating passwords that use numbers and special characters, and using different passwords for different accounts.

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