How Weather Affects Your Locks

Weather Affecting Locks in PA

If you live in a home with a front door made of wood, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered difficulties closing both your door and its lock during the most humid months of the summer.

According to locksmiths in Bucks County, It’s a frustrating and common problem with a fairly simple explanation: When wood in your door soaks up the humidity’s moisture, it swells and expands, just as anything does when it’s infiltrated by water.

If the weather’s moisture level is high enough, you may even have trouble getting your door to close all the way, especially if it hasn’t been properly sealed. It makes sense, of course, that if both your door and its wooden door jamb have expanded, there simply won’t be enough room for one to fit inside the other.

Ask any locksmith in Bucks County and he or she will tell you that when that happens, you may find that the door’s lock no longer fits properly. Most likely, this is due to the lock having moved ever so slightly, as the door it’s attached to has expanded and moved itself. It goes without saying that a front door that won’t lock is nearly as useless as one that won’t properly close.

Other Ways the Weather Can Affect Your Locks … and Your Security

  • Just as your moisture-filled wooden door expands in humid weather, it will contract when the air outside turns especially cold. The good news? Your lock is much more likely to fit when your door has contracted than when it’s expanded. However, if the door has shifted during its contraction, which it almost certainly will, there may be an unsafe gap between the door and its jamb. It’s possible that the lock may not even be properly engaged, making a break-and-enter event a much simpler task for criminals.
  • When we think of residential door-lock security, it’s almost always a home’s front door that comes immediately to mind. But home invaders don’t always enter through the front door. That’s why you should also check the security situation at your back door and any side entrances. Don’t forget the doors that lead to your basement and garage, since thieves are fond of entering homes through unsecure garages and basements with easy-access windows.
  • If you can afford the expense, you might want to consider replacing your wooden doors with doors made of a material that doesn’t overly expand or contract, such as steel.
  • Bear in mind that if your wooden doors are expanding and contracting during inclement weather events, any windows in your home with wooden frames or jambs are probably experiencing the very same thing. Many homeowners prefer not to replace their home’s original wooden windows, but that doesn’t mean you need to make a break-in an easy task. Holicong Security offers a wide range of residential security measures that can keep your home and family safe, including burglar alarms, sprinkler system monitors, and video surveillance systems.

The obvious downside to nearly all of the options listed here, of course, is that they all take time to implement. If you need the help of a locksmith in Bucks County now, regardless of weather conditions or the state of your home’s doors, contact a professional at Holicong Locksmiths and Central Security immediately.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been protecting people and property in and around Bucks County. Because security is our business and service is our mission, a locksmith in Bucks County is never more than just a quick phone call away.

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