Improving Commercial Building Security in Bucks County

Business Security Cameras in Bucks County

You have all sorts of insurance on your business, your assets, and likely on your own person. Think of commercial building security as another form of insurance.

Your security measures may not need to be that complex. Start with a proper security needs assessment. This will give you a solid foundation upon which you can build a custom system.

Your point-of-contact at your security company will advise you on the various configurations possible. Consider their recommendations and select the right system for your needs and budget.

Benefits of improved building security:

1. The structure

A poorly-secured facility becomes a target for intruders and vandals. A properly-secured facility may indeed have lower maintenance costs than a similar, but poorly-secured building.

2. The contents

Many corporate facilities contain expensive equipment, valuable inventory and sensitive information. A proper commercial building security plan will keep your business’ assets protected.

3. The occupants

During business hours your commercial building will contain staff, possibly clients, and occasionally vendors and other guests. Besides your moral and legal obligation to protect those within your facility, it’s an insurance consideration as well.

Once you’ve committed to improving your commercial building security, it’s time you consider your options. Here, we’ll highlight some of the most popular commercial building security systems, strategies, and investments. Consult with your security advisor and decide which methods are best for your commercial facility.

Video Surveillance Systems and Monitoring

A video surveillance system can be your eyes and ears when you or your staff are not physically present. It will give you an account of everything that happens at your facility, so long as it happens within the visible range of a camera or mic (for audio).

Another great aspect of video monitoring systems is their flexibility. Most cameras can be relocated to a new position as your needs change. Additional cameras, sensors, and video monitoring screens can be added to an existing video surveillance system as necessary.

Visitor Logs & Electronic Visitor Management

You can accomplish visitor tracking in a variety of ways. The simple, yet less secure method is the old pen and paper system. For a greater investment, an electronic visitor management system can provide added security benefits.

The electronic method, while costlier, is more detailed in the information it provides and is harder to falsify.

Access-Restricted Areas

Restricting access to an area need not be elaborate, nor very expensive. Here too, carefully consider the configuration of your facility such that sensitive or valuable contents and individuals are secured.

You might begin with your highest traffic areas. Implement key card access at your main entrance and at other sensitive areas. From there, access to other rooms within your facility can be restricted as needed.

Psychological Effect of Visible Security Measures

When visitors see video surveillance cameras, they feel secure. When thieves see these cameras, they perceive your property as hard to loot.

A visitor log process is a cultural shift visitors and staff will immediately notice. When your guests are required to sign in upon entering your facility, it creates an emotional effect. It leads them to conclude that the building’s owner likely takes security rather seriously.

Get Secure

Commercial building security in Bucks County is on the forefront of any building owner’s mind. Holicong Security has been providing custom security systems for over 25 years in the Bucks County area.

Contact a Holicong Security specialist today. A Holicong Security representative will visit your building location and provide you a custom-tailored security recommendation.

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