Choosing the Right Safe for Your Home

Safes in Bucks County PA

Americans love stories about safecrackers, at least when they involve George Clooney assembling a team of crooks to rob a casino.

But that’s just Hollywood. In real life, thieves aren’t targeting Vegas’ three biggest casinos, so much as they’re trying to break into your house to grab your valuables.

That’s where a quality, professionally-installed safe can home in handy. If you’re shopping for safes in Bucks County, here are a few things you should know before you invest in this home security measure.

1. Figure out what you want to keep in the safe

Gather up all the things you plan to keep in the safe. These can include emergency cash, expensive jewelry, or important documents such as passports, birth certificates and legal papers.

2. Figure out what you need protection from

While we opened this article talking about thefts, that’s not the only reason to own a safe. Different models protect against different things:

  • Fire protection – Safes are tested to determine how long material inside can withstand heat. Most home safes can offer about 30 minutes of fire protection. Keep in mind that these safes are fire-resistant, not fireproof.
  • Theft protection – The average safe can withstand 15 minutes of attack from household tools. A 1.2 cubic-foot safe weights roughly 100 lbs., making it difficult to carry off. Many safes come with options allowing them to be bolted down, anchored to the floor or concealed in a wall.
  • Water resistance – Fire and theft resistant safes typically include some sort of water protection, while there are safes designed solely to be water resistant, and can withstand flooding for up to an hour.
  • Data/media protection – A standard fire-resistant safe is not designed specifically to protect against heat and humidity, and these can be harmful to data/media materials such as hard drives, CDs and DVDs, old photos and cassettes, thumb drives and SD cards. If protecting these things is a priority, consider purchasing a data/media safe.

Consult with a security professional when shopping for safes in Bucks County to determine which type of model fits your needs.

3. Figure out what kind of lock you want

Security experts advise against using a safe with a key, as keys can easily get lost or forgotten. Instead, go with the classic combination safe, which can be opened by turning a dial or entering a PIN.

Dial safes are reliable, in that there’s no risk of electronic failure. However, if you forget the combination, you’ll need a locksmith to reset it. Digital safes can be accessed quickly, but you’ll have to replace the batteries on a regular basis.

4. Figure out where you’ll keep the safe

The location of your safe will depend on the design of your home. Most thieves will head to the master bedroom first, so try not to keep your safe there.

Keeping the safe in your basement is a double-edged sword: you’ll be better protected against fire, but at greater risk for flood damage.

If you’re searching for safes in Bucks County, Holicong Security can help. Whether you’re looking to keep your valuables safe at home, or need a dependable place to store things at work, our experienced security professionals can guide you through the entire process, from purchase to installation. Contact us today to find out how we can help secure your home.

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