The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire sprinkler installation in Hunterdon County

Every year, more than $7 billion worth of property is lost to residential fires in the United States. Add in the cost of non-residential blazes, and that number leaps past the $10 billion mark.

And that’s to say nothing of the human toll: thousands of people are killed or injured in residential and non-residential fires each year in the U.S.

So today we want to talk to you about fire alarm and fire sprinkler installation. Hunterdon County home and business owners should consider for installing fire protection systems on your property

1. Alarms can save your life

This is the chief reason to have a fire alarm in your building: you’ll make things safe for yourself and your family or – for commercial property owners – your employees, customers or tenants.

Modern alarms feature a combination of smoke and heat detectors, and can alert occupants with sirens, bells and strobe lights to give everyone time to exit the building safely.

2. A fire alarm means less property lost

You alarm won’t put out fires – that’s why you should consider fire sprinkler installation, Hunterdon County – but it will alert emergency responders who can respond.

The faster your system can alert the fire department, the quicker firefighters can extinguish the fire, and the less damage you’ll have.

And if you’re a business owner, less damage to your building means less downtime. You’ll be able to reopen faster, further cutting your losses from the fire.

3. Your insurance company will thank you

Many insurers will offer discounts if you install a fire alarm system. And if you own a business, your insurer may require you to have a fire alarm before they’ll cover your property.

4. You’ll comply with codes

Are you moving into a new home? Has your business outgrown its original space? You’ll need a fire alarm system in place in order for your property to pass inspection and adhere to local building codes.

It’s also important to make sure your alarm system is checked and inspected on a regular basis. Failing to get this done can result in any number of problems:

  • You need to know your alarm works. If a fire happens and the alarm system fails to go off, lives are at risk.
  • Most fire alarm systems relay information about fires to emergency responders. If this system isn’t working, it can delay the fire department’s arrival at your property.
  • False alarms can disrupt things at your business. Too many false alarms at the same address can lead to you paying fines or fees.
  • Your insurer can reject your claim if you can’t show your alarm system was subject to an annual inspection. You can also be fined for failing to meet fire safety codes.

Do you need fire protection at your home or business? Holicong Security can help. For nearly 70 years, property owners have trusted us to provide expert fire alarm and fire sprinkler installation in Hunterdon County and the Philadelphia area.

Our fire detection systems include smoke alarms, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and water flow valves. Contact us today to find out how our team can help protect your property.

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