The Anatomy of a Secure Door | Home Security Systems in Hunterdon, NJ

A good deadbolt lock is critical to any home security systems in Hunterdon, NJ

When you think of a burglar, you might picture someone creeping into a home through a window in the dead of night.

But the reality is somewhat different.

Most burglaries happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when people are at work or school.

And a more than third of all burglars enter a home through its front door, whether that means kicking the door in, or finding it unlocked.

That’s why anyone interested in upgrading their home security systems in Hunterdon, NJ should start with their front entrance. Let’s look at some of the features that make a secure front door.

1. A quality deadbolt

A good deadbolt is made of solid metal and a throw bolt that’s at least an inch long. If you don’t feel confident about installing this lock, don’t leave it to chance: hire a professional locksmith.

You may also want to consider adding a deadlock, which is a type of deadbolt that locks only from the inside, offering another level of protection against break-ins.

2. Add new strike plates

These are the metal plates that surround the hole in your door frame where the lock bolt goes, and they are subject to a lot of wear and tear.

Your exterior doors should have strike plates with a set of four three-inch screws that aren’t simply just attached to the door jamb but go all the way to the stud.

3. Inside looking out

Adding a peep hole to your front door lets you see outside without other people seeing in. Look for a peep hole that offers a wide-angle view, and that has a cover to prevent people from looking in with the help of a peephole viewer device.

4. Added hardware

There are some additional pieces of hardware you can install to protect your front door. Carriage bolts can prevent burglars from unscrewing your locks, while cylinder guards protect against tools like hammers and crowbars.

Installing a kick plate – the metal plates you see at the bottom of some front doors – can provide another layer of protection, while also adding to your décor.

5. If you need to, get a new door

Good locks need a good, strong door to go with them. If your door has a hollow core, or includes a lot of glass, your entrance is less secure. Install a new door made of solid wood, fiberglass or reinforced metal with a lock block.

6. Lock your doors

While this sounds obvious, remember that close to 30 percent of burglars get into homes through unlocked doors or windows. You can invest in the best Hunterdon, NJ home security system on the market, only to find your home burglarized because you neglected to lock your front door.

Is it time to replace or upgrade the locks on your front door? Holicong Security can help. We’ve spent decades providing home security systems to Hunterdon NJ and the surrounding area. Contact us today to find out how we can protect your home.

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