6 Benefits of Home Security Camera Systems

security camera systems in Bucks, PA

When you think you of a security camera, you might picture the grainy monitor behind the counter at a convenience store, or the type of high tech system detectives use to track the bad guys on cop shows.

Either way, not the type of thing you’d have at home.

The truth is, security cameras have come a long way over the years, offering homeowners an affordable, but still state-of-the-art – method of keeping themselves, their family and their belongings safe.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the benefits of installing security camera systems in Bucks, PA.

1. You can check in on your family

By installing security camera systems, Bucks PA homeowners get another set of eyes to keep track on their children or elderly parents when they’re at home by themselves. With remote video, you can check on them while you’re at work using your tablet or smartphone.

2. You can keep tabs on your pets

Are you curious about what your dogs or cats get up to when you’re not around? A home security camera can let you know whether they’re napping on the couch…or chewing on its cushions.

3. You’ll keep thieves away…or at least help police catch them

Installing a security camera is like putting up a sign that tells burglars, “We’re watching you.”

Potential thieves are likely to scope out your home before they break in, and if they see that you have a camera, it might convince them that burglarizing your house just isn’t worth the risk.

But let’s say they don’t see your camera and come in and make off with your laptop. Having a security camera can give police the evidence they need to track down the thief, and later convict them in court. Just be sure to get a camera that provides a clear image of people’s faces.

4. You’ll enhance your existing security measures

You might have existing security measures in place, whether that means an extra-strong lock or an alarm system that sounds in the event of a break-in.

A security camera system adds another layer of protection to your home, allowing you to record what’s happening and providing much needed information in the event of a crime or accident.

5. You can keep track of workers in your home

Not sure about your plumber? Want to be certain your baby sitter really did put the kids to bed at 8 p.m.? Video surveillance can help you make sure the people you’re paying to do work at your home are doing their job.

6. Your insurance company will reward you

Most insurance companies will reduce your home insurance premiums if you take steps to protect your property against theft and vandalism with a security system. By installing security camera systems, Bucks, PA residents can see as much as a 20 percent discount on their home insurance bill.

Are you considering installing a home security camera? Contact Holicong Security. Whether you’re looking to protect a three-story home or a small apartment, we have a video surveillance option that will meet your needs.

Few things are more important than guarding your family and valuables. With our help, and our technology, you’ll sleep better knowing someone is watching over your home.

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