7 Ways to Make Sure Your Industrial Facility is Secure

Industrial security Hunterdon NJ

So much depends on your industrial facility.

Any disruption in day-to-day business affects not only your bottom line, but the lives of your employees, customers and suppliers.

And fewer things are more disruptive to your operations than a security threat, whether it’s petty vandalism that slows down work for a few hours or a serious criminal incident that shuts down your plant for an entire work week.

When thinking about industrial security, Hunterdon, NJ businesses should consider these measures to keep their properties and their employees safe.

1. Know your threats

When operating industrial facilities, you need to be prepared to deal with a range of security threats. These can include everything from vandalism to theft to workplace violence.

Before you plan out your security measures, look at which threats are your most pressing concerns and plan accordingly.

2. Set up an emergency response plan

Do your employees know what to do during an emergency? If not, it’s time to set up an emergency response plan, which includes:

  • Evacuation procedures and emergency exit locations
  • Rules for accounting for all employees and visitors
  • How to locate fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment

You should also train employees on how to properly use and maintain protective equipment.

3. Protect your perimeter

Another important aspect of Hunterdon, NJ industrial security is making sure you’ve protected the perimeter of your property, especially if you have a large surrounding area. The more land you have, the more points of entry you need to worry about.

Motion detectors, glass break alarms and security cameras can all help secure your property, no matter how much property you have.

4. Access control

Few employees need access to every section of your facility. Access control systems allow you to protect sensitive areas of your building with tools such as key card readers, photo badging and video and audio intercoms can all help maintain a safe environment.

5. Keep track of visitors

Have visitors sign in upon arrival at your facility. Some industrial facilities employ dual security measures: an electronic record along with a pen-and-paper sign-in sheet. This way, if you lose power during an emergency, you still have a written record of who is in the building.

6. Remote monitoring

Hunterdon, NJ industrial security doesn’t end when you go home for the night. With remote monitoring technology, you can watch your facility from home, at dinner or while you’re running errands and get notified if anyone has unlawfully accessed your property.

7. Conduct regular tests

Test your system regularly to make sure everything is functioning properly. A weekly test of your alarm system might seem like overkill, but it’s better than the alternative: learning that the system doesn’t work in the middle of a crisis.

Providing protection for industrial facilities such as warehouse and manufacturing sites is extremely important. That’s why at Holicong Security we provide custom solutions for customers seeking Hunterdon, NJ industrial security.

With our quality installation and monitoring services, we ensure your employees and assets are protected. We will visit your site and provide a consultation to decide what security system would be best for your facility. Contact us today to learn more.

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