Do I Need to Rekey My Locks?

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No matter how sturdy and secure it is, humanity has yet to produce a lock that can last forever.

Whether you own a home or a business, eventually the day will come when you need to replace your locks. The only question is: Do your locks need to be replaced, or do they need rekeying? Montgomery County home/business owners need to know the difference.

Rekeying vs. replacing

When you rekey a lock, you’re altering its internal structure, the mechanisms known as “key pins” or tumblers, the part of the lock that accepts the key.

To rekey your lock, a locksmith will dismantle it and put in new key pins. Every series of key pins matches a certain key, so when a locksmith installs new pins, they’ve set a new key that will go with your lock.

Rekeying also lets a locksmith examine the lock and how it was installed. They can apply lubricant to make them function more smoothly.

This might sound kind of complicated, but it’s still a less-expensive alternative to replacing the whole lock. And you might discover there are times when rekeying your locks is a good alternative to replacing.

1. You’ve given your keys to your kids

Let’s say your kids are old enough to let themselves in the house after school while you’re at work. You might trust them to be responsible, but it’s still a good idea to have your locks rekeyed just in case the kids accidentally lost a key somewhere along the line.

2. New tenants and new construction

Whether you own rental property or just rent out a room in your home, you really have no way of knowing whether your tenants made and kept copies of their keys.

The same thing applies to people who have just moved into a new home or are undergoing renovations. From sales people to contractors to movers, there are plenty of people who might have been tempted to make a copy of your keys.

3. Old loves

In a perfect world, every relationship that ends would end amicably. But we’ve been on enough Montgomery County rekeying jobs to know better.

Things can go bad during a break-up, and your ex-spouse or partner might feel the need to let themselves back into your place without your say so.

The same thing applies to your ex-roommates. Even if you parted on good terms, you may not be able to vouch for everyone who might have had access to their keys.

What if need to replace my locks?

Sometimes a lock just needs replacing, not rekeying. Montgomery County homeowners often find that their locks have become worn out to the point that rekeying won’t help.

If your locks are damaged – whether it’s the result of an accident or someone breaking into your property – replacement is the only option. And lastly, if your building has older locks, you might have trouble finding the parts you need for rekeying.

Montgomery County homeowners and business owners who need their locks rekeyed or replaced will find the help they need at Holicong Security.

We offer fast, professional rekeying and locksmithing service for homes and businesses and can also install master key systems for property owners who want to deal with fewer keys.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can secure your property.


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