The Benefits of a Master Key System

Woman using a master key system for office building

Live in your house for long enough and you can amass a pretty impressive collection of keys.

Your car keys. The front door. The back door. Maybe a key to your parents’ house, or an emergency key handed to you by one of your neighbors or a key to a post office box or safe deposit box at the bank.

It’s a lot to keep track of, but somehow you manage. Now, imagine trying that same system with an office building, or a warehouse.

Having a different key for every door of your business isn’t always practical, which is why we recommend switching to a master key system. Bucks County businesses who have more keys than they can handle can use these systems to increase security and improve efficiency.

How can I use a master key system?

Bucks County business owners and property managers who want to understand how master key systems work first need to understand the basics of a single-key lock, commonly called a cylindrical lock.

A lock cylinder contains two sets of pins. On the lower level of the lock, there are key pins, which are slightly raised when touched by the ridges on a key.

Above them are the driver pins, which are kept in place by springs, and raise up when the lower pins push against them. If you put the proper key into a lock, the two sets of pins come together at a center ridge line, known as the sheer line.

When the shear line is created – or “cleared” – the cylinder can turn and open the lock.

So what’s different about a master key system? Another pin.

Any standard lock can become a master key system with the addition of what’s called a master wafer or master pin between the drive pin and the key pin. When the master wafer is in place, there will be two shear lines in the lock, which allows two keys cut in a slightly different fashion to work in the same lock.

What are the benefits of a master key system?

The main benefit of a master key system is that it allows you to restrict access to certain areas of your property, therefore improving security.

With a master key system, Bucks County business owners can have precise control over who can access certain rooms or areas of your facility.

There are different levels of master keys as well:

  • Master keys, or grand master keys – The principal key that controls all the locks in a master key system and can unlock all the locks in a building.
  • Sub-master keys – Given to people on your team at different levels of seniority so they can access their appropriate areas.
  • Maintenance keys – Useful for staff members who need to access specific areas such as storerooms or bathrooms, and especially useful for work that happens after hours.

Who can use a master key system?

Some examples of places where a master key system include:

  • Apartment complexes – With a master key system, Bucks County landlords and property managers can access every apartment in one dwelling without having to carry around a giant key ring.
  • Security guards – Master keys let security personnel do their jobs without having to switch from key to key as they patrol different parts of the property.
  • Cleaning services – Instead of making your cleaning crew handle multiple keys for multiple doors, let them use a single key to do their job.

Are you tired of juggling different keys for every door in your business? Holicong Security can help. We provide trusted, top-quality master key systems for Bucks County, Montgomery County, central New Jersey and the surrounding area. Contact us today to learn how we can protect your property.

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