How to Make Sure Your House is Secure When You Go on Vacation

A man breaking into a house: a reason why residential security is important

Summer time is just around the corner.

Your kids are counting down the days until school lets out for the year, and you’re dreaming of your vacation. Maybe you’ll be sitting by the ocean drinking something tropical or embarking on a cross-country trip to see some unforgettable landmarks.

But before you start your well-deserved vacation from everyday life, take a minute to think about the people who can’t wait for you to leave.

We’re talking about your unfriendly neighborhood burglar. To him, a house where the family has gone on vacation is like an invitation to steal.

Don’t make his job easier. Before you leave for your trip, follow these tips from our Bucks, PA residential security experts that will help you make sure your home is secure.

1. Look at your home through the eyes of a thief

If you wanted to break into your house, how would you do it? Would you hide in those overgrown hedges near the window? Slip through the dog door? Climb into an upstairs window using the ladder you left outside?

Before you leave, make sure you haven’t left any obvious points of entry easily accessible.

2. Stay off social media

We understand the invitation to use Facebook as an unofficial vacation journal. “Flying from PHL to CHI.” Checking in at Disney world. Photos of you and the family in London.

But we’d suggest saving the updates until you’re back home (and convincing your kids to do the same). Telling the world about your vacation in social media is the modern day equivalent of letting newspapers collect on your front porch.

On that note, you should also stop your newspaper and mail while you’re out of town. At the very least, get a friend or a neighbor to hold onto them until you’re home. Make sure you mow your lawn – or have it mowed – before you leave as well.

3. Check your windows

When the summer comes, it’s easy to leave windows open to get some fresh air into your home but forget to close them. Doublecheck all your windows to make sure they’re locked and closed to avoid giving intruders an easy way inside.

4. Make friends with the neighbors

Let your neighbors know you’ll be gone and ask them to keep an eye on things while you’re away. One of them might be going the extra mile by driving a few extra feet and keeping their car in your driveway while you’re gone to create the illusion of an occupied home. Just be sure to return the favor when they go on vacation.

5. Light up your house

It’s one of the central tenets of the Bucks, PA residential security world: Leaving a light on when you’re not at home is one of the most tried-and-true methods of burglar prevention. But no one wants to leave a lamp burning for the entire time they’re away on vacation.

But a light timer will let you turn on lights or your TV at random times during the day to make it appear as though someone is at home. You can also download apps to let you switch lights on and off remotely.

6. Label your devices

Mark your electronic devices – computers, TVs, gaming systems, etc. – with an engraving of your driver’s license number. You might also want to photograph your valuables and record their serial numbers or model numbers and keep this information somewhere away from home.

7. Invest in an alarm system

Homes protected by an alarm system are three times less likely to be burglarized than homes without an alarm. Adding an alarm system to your home – along with a security company sticker on your window/sign on your lawn – serves as an amazing deterrent.

Are you concerned about leaving your home unguarded this summer? Turn to the Bucks, PA residential security experts at Holicong Security.

We’ve spent decades helping homeowners keep their properties and families safe. Contact us today for a consultation, so you can leave for vacation feeling confident about the security of your home.

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