Keep The Season Fun: Home Security Tips for Summer

Home Security Tips for SummerSummers are a time to explore the great outdoors. It is time to enjoy a sweet family barbecue, spent time by the pool, or go on a vacation. Unfortunately, it also coincides with the high burglary season. According to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, property crimes spike by 11% during the summer. This article shares some home security tips for summer to keep your loved-ones and home safe!

Home Security Tips for Summer:

  1. Consider Getting a House-sitter

Having someone at the house is a great residential security measure. Studies have shown that only 28% of burglaries occur when someone is home. Simple things like uncollected mail can invite intruders. In addition to security, house sitters water the plants and feed your pets. If you can’t get a trusted family member to sit the house for you, then consider hiring one. Just make sure you prepare in advance. It gives you time to get to know the sitter, do background checks, and show them around. This option might be pricey, but it’s better safe than sorry.

  1. Invest in a Residential Security System

Residential security systems are effective crime deterrent. Modern systems provide a full range of services, from home automation to environmental monitoring. You can choose from the most basic to the most comprehensive packages. Smart home automation services can help turn on the lights to give the impression you are around. Likewise, burglar alarms and glass break detectors alert authorities in case intruders try to break into your property. Lastly, environmental monitors like smoke alarms and leak detectors protect your home from internal damage and accidents.

  1. Lock all Doors and Windows

If you are unable to get a house sitter in a good time, then your only other option is to lock everything up. Consider replacing all the locks if someone else has a copy of your house keys. Go a step further and install deadbolts in all the entryways. It makes it harder for burglars to break into your home. Make it even harder by locking all the individual rooms in the house. While you are at it, remember to burglar-proof your backyard. Keep all your tools out of sight and lock the tool shed. Intruders often use your tools to break into your home. Please don’t make it easy for them. Chain all outdoor furniture and keep ladders out of sight.

  1. Hide all Your Valuables

Leaving your most valuable possession is like begging to be robbed. It is crucial whether you are getting a house sitter or not. The first step is to shut all your blinds. That way, nothing is visible to an outsider trying to peep. Next, hide all your jewelry in a safe place. You can use other unconventional hiding spots to stash your valuables. Don’t be too obvious; your bedroom is probably the first place they will look. Your gun(s) is another thing you don’t want them to get their hands on. Keep this locked away somewhere they will never find. A home safe is perfect.

  1. Turn off your Utilities

If nobody is home, then turn off all your utilities. Your water supply and gas is a great place to start. As for the air conditioning, leave it on but set the thermostat to a cool temperature. Scorching weather can damage wooden floors and furniture. The other thing you can’t switch off is the electricity. You will need this power, the lights. However, all electronics should be unplugged. Lastly, empty your freezer and run the garbage disposal one last time.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Unless you are work in home security, chances are you won’t remember to do everything. Seeking help from a professional residential security firm is the only reliable solution. Holicong Security has more than 60 years of experience under their belt. Leave the residential security to the professionals and focus on enjoying your vacations.

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