Three Tips to Boost Home Security in Bucks County

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Bucks County, Pennsylvania is home to a wealth of beautiful homes and buildings. As one of the three original counties founded in the state, it’s important to protect the people and homes in the area. Installing an alarm system is a great way to do so.

Smart phone activated door lockThree tips to boost home security in Bucks County:

Install good quality locks on all of the access points in your home.
Criminals can climb through windows as easily as they can walk through doors. Check your locks with the changing of the season as weather can cause wear and tear. Consider replacing your locks if they’re overly worn, you’ve just moved in, lost your keys, or someone has recently moved out.

Alarm SystemDual system protection.

Supplement your traditional alarm system with a monitoring device that can warn against things like carbon monoxide. These systems are not only able to warn residents but alert local emergency departments like EMTs or the fire department. If your home is already secure against threats like carbon monoxide, flooding or fires consider a motion detector to further boost the security of your Bucks County home.

Trimming overgrown hedgeMaintain your property.

An easy way to protect your property is to make sure you’ve eliminated hiding spots for potential criminals. While that front door hedge seems like a good idea, by blocking your front door from the street view you inadvertently create a space for someone to wait.

Other quick ways to boost security in your Bucks County, PA home include…

  • Installing floodlights
  • Add a “Beware of Dog” sign for a real, or imagined, pet
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Instead of hiding a key outside, give one to a neighbor or trusted relative

If you already have an alarm system installed in your Bucks, PA home, consider updating it.

Smart Home Alarm SystemAlarm systems can malfunction or out-of-date. Technology continues to grow and adapt to new threats and innovations. Older, hardwired, alarm systems can be easily manipulated during a home invasion. Because of the connection to your home’s electrical system a simple snip can render them useless. Additionally, if you can only access, or view, your alarm system while on site it may be time to upgrade it to allow for off-site monitoring. Finally, upgrading the camera in your alarm or security system will ensure that a clear, crisp image is captured.

Alarm systems are more than what they once were. With advanced technology alarm systems include:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Smoke & Fire Alarms
  • Video Surveillance and Motion Detection
  • Gas Detection
  • Temperature and Water Alarms

Aside from protecting your home and family, there are some added benefits to having an alarm system in your Bucks County home. Many alarm systems come with lawn signs announcing their use – that alone can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Some insurance companies offer discounts to Bucks County homes that have alarm systems installed. Alarm systems increase the value of Bucks County, PA homes.

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  1. The majority of burglars go after houses that appear to be simple to break into. They frequently choose a home by scouting the area and identifying the one with the most consistent patterns of who comes and goes. The majority of burglars get access to a home through those entrance points, as well as the front door, back door, or garage.

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