Does your business need environmental sensors?

basic analog environmental sensor - thermometer/hygrometer

One of the things that many people overlook when it comes to their business is maintaining their environment. While safety is always an issue, they should also be concerned with environmental factors that may affect their business. When it comes to manufacturing, certain types of products may need to be kept at a specific temperature. The same is true for schools and healthcare facilities. Temperature is not the only environmental factor that companies monitor. They also use environmental sensors to detect too much or too little moisture. Extreme temperature changes must also be monitored.

In this post, we describe some of the types of businesses that can benefit from environmental sensor systems – does yours fall into one of these categories?

close-up of bookshelf in school library

Schools and Healthcare Facilities

Schools and healthcare facilities not only uses environmental sensors to monitor temperature changes, they also have sensors that carefully monitor air quality as well. Maintaining a constant temperature in schools and healthcare facilities is essential for the health and well-being of the students and patients they serve. Environmental sensors are used to detect extreme changes in temperature and also to determine if there is an excessive amount of moisture.

black man wearing protective equipment and using power tool in manufacturing facility


Many manufacturing companies have strict temperature guidelines they must maintain if their processes are to work effectively. Any fluctuation and the products may be ruined or the materials used in the process may be damaged. With the right environmental sensors in place, both temperature and moisture can be continuously monitored to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process goes smoothly. Having a third-party monitoring company will allow you to focus on what’s really important and let the professionals take care of the sensors.

Processing of Sweet Potatoes in a Factory (food processing)

Food Processing

Food processing facilities must maintain constant temperatures in both their storage areas as well as their processing areas. Environmental sensors in this type of facility are mandatory. If there is a malfunction of any kind, much of the company’s inventory will be lost due to spoilage. A third-party monitoring company will ensure that your facility remains in compliance when it comes to federal food processing standards as well as ensuring all of your product remains fresh and unspoiled. Different foods require different temperatures. If you have areas that require different temperature settings, having a monitoring center do the job ensures that it is done correctly at all times.

antiques like these film cameras require special environmental conditions when being stored

Various Types of Storage

There are many different types of storage that requires specific temperatures and different levels of humidity. Electronics, data storage, and antiques require a specific temperature that is not too hot and not extremely cold. Humidity and moisture must also be controlled. Storing your items in a temperature controlled storage facility that is monitored by a third-party monitoring service is the beset way to ensure that your items remain in the best possible condition at all times.

At Holicong Security, we offer both hot/cold temperature monitoring as well as flood/moisture monitoring as well. With our eyes-on approach, we closely monitor your environmental sensors in your facility and give you an opportunity to work on other aspects of your business. We can alert you in just a few seconds if something goes wrong, giving you ample time to get the situation corrected before any damage is done.


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