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Home burglaries are a nuisance in America; Bucks County is no exception. There are an estimated 2.5 million burglaries a year. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your home security. Nothing is more comforting than knowing that your home is protected even when you are away. Continue reading

Government Facility Security Standards and Best Practices

government facility security standards Philadelphia Prior to 1995, when the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) was created in response to the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, there were literally no minimum physical security standards in place for non-military federal facilities.

But times have most definitely changed. The ISC is now governed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the organization today aims to enhance and improve security in all non-military federal facilities, regardless of whether the facility is owned, managed or leased by the U.S. government.

What does this mean for your Philadelphia, Trenton NJ, Bucks County or Montgomery County business? For starters, the ISC’s government facility security standards and best practices could be used as a blueprint of sorts to help security professionals implement their own mandatory standards and security policies.

The ISC’s security standards are updated on a regular basis; they can be accessed on the official website of the DHS.

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Monitor Your Home Security System From Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and tablets may not be completely ubiquitous, but they are extremely common. To take advantage of this constant connectivity, it is now possible to access or receive notifications from your home security system in Bucks County on a multitude of devices. Here are some offerings that Holicong Security feels best benefit customers:

Home Security Systems - Home MonitoringE-Technology Notification and Monitoring

Holicong Security recognizes that while people may be away from home, they are not out of contact. So we provide security system services that include notifications to your mobile device of any alarm signals that occur throughout the system. This includes not just perimeter monitoring and burglar alarms, but also our various environmental sensors that can detect gas leaks, flooding, and temperature spikes or drops. If your email account is suddenly unavailable, you can access a history of these notifications through our online account information system.

For more hands-on homeowners, additional technology enables access to a variety of video-based services. Holicong Security systems can provide a secure live stream of any cameras you have installed to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or to any internet-connected computer. This allows you to always keep an eye on what’s going on in your home. We can also set up security monitoring installations that send short video clips of areas where a sensor or alarm system has been tripped. This makes it easy to tell if a burglar got into your home or a teenager forgot to disarm the alarm once they got in the door. Continue reading

Your New Security Alarm System – Winter Tips

Home Security - Winter TipsWith a new year, many people may be reviewing their bills and, more importantly, their assets having had to look at their financial paperwork for taxes anyway. There are a number of benefits for people to consider installing an alarm system at this time of year. We’ll outline a few of them. However, the cold months also create some challenges for the sensors and for new users, so we’ll also touch on those issues.

Benefits of a Professionally-Installed Security Alarm System

For many people, home security systems are supposed to reduce the possibility of burglars or other criminal intruders from making off with valuables, including jewelry and electronics. Modern equipment does this very well: in addition to the normal door sensors, professional alarm system installation technicians can also include pressure sensors to identify thieves traipsing through certain areas and microphones that identify when window panes shatter. Along with those sensors, many families and businesses may also consider other factors.

After all, crime is not the only threat that a home or business can face where a home security system can help. Thanks to remote monitoring and updates in technology, freezing temperatures don’t have to mean coming home to a flooded basement. Modern alarm systems include options for moisture sensors that can be used to detect standing water due to pipes cracking. Even before that calamity occurs, temperature sensors set to notify homeowners and monitoring services of low temperatures can prevent problems. Continue reading

Security Monitoring – Keep Your Home Safe at All times

Home and business security systems are designed to protect you from intruders and other dangers, but consumers may miss out on total peace of mind if they opt not to sign up for ongoing monitoring with a trusted service provider. There are numerous advantages, ranging from improved response times from police and fire departments to the ability to protect against a variety of building concerns including extreme temperature drops and flooding monitoring.

Improvements with Monitoring

Advanced security with home monitoring systems

In most cases, the sensors and other components that are connected to the central alarm system act in a passive manner. That means that if a burglar trips a pressure sensor in a foyer or a magnetic reed sensor that protects a window, a combination of an alarm will sound and a strobe will begin flashing to dissuade intruders from moving through one’s home. However, this can occasionally lead to false alarms, and without monitoring it could limit the response time of first responders.

Instead, many homeowners and small businesses will sign up for monitoring by a home security system provider that offers locations near Bucks County and the surrounding areas. Trained staff monitor sensors and other equipment designed to detect intruders and as soon as one is tripped, the representative contacts the home or a contact number provided by the consumer. If they do not get a response, or do not hear a previously-agreed-to safe word, they will call to dispatch local police or fire departments. Continue reading

Home Security: Protecting Your Home From Intruders

Home Security Systems Bucks PAMany people have lock-boxes at home or safe deposit boxes at their local banks in order to store important documents like stock certificates, birth records and more. However, when considering home security systems, many don’t think of upgrading their protection to include safes and vaults depending on their requirements for protection from burglary. Whether it is at home or for businesses of all sizes, these types of protection can offer one last line of defense against criminals looking for an easy burglary.

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Re-Keying Locks

Locksmiths can help re-key your locks.

Lost your keys? Re-keying is a cost effective solution.

While many people install home security systems to protect their belongings and loved ones, the first line of defense for many homes and businesses is still a door lock. It is very common for people to either lose their keys or even have them stolen if they left them in a public area such as a gym or a coffee shop. The first fear is that by doing so, they will have to buy all-new locks, something that could cost them hundreds of dollars or in the case of businesses well over $1,000. Instead, many lock manufacturers make it easy to re-key the locks, or modify them so that the original access controls remain in place but new keys are required in order to open doors and gates.

Basics of Door Locks and Bolts

The reason that many homeowners want to re-key their locks is because it is less expensive than getting all-new sets for each door or window covered by the same key when they have lost an existing one or think that it may have been stolen. It is important to know how the lock works in order to understand what re-keying does. Continue reading

Protecting Your Home While Away for the Holidays

Home Security during HolidaysVisiting friend and loved ones this winter is supposed to be joyful, or at least a time to share moments. Many people who will travel to see their family will have a packing checklist to ensure they don’t miss anything before they head out. Homeowners should also consider a “stay-list” of things to do to ensure that their house or apartment is secure and limiting the potential to come home to any nasty surprises. Here are some ideas to keep properties secure while traveling during the holidays.

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Technology is Making Home Security Systems More Useful For Families

Home Security Systems Bucks PAIt used to be that a home security system would include sensors on doors and perhaps windows, linked to a central device that would notify a security company and/or local first responders if a crime was to occur. With rapid advances in technology, however, families can take advantage of the internet and smartphones for an unprecedented look into homes protected by Bucks County security companies.

 Offsite Monitoring and Notifications

The biggest trend in home security is remote viewing. Many security systems are now connected to central monitoring stations and are also connected to the internet as a result. Homeowners and others with secure access can use smartphones, tablets and computers around the world to monitor camera feeds, tripped sensors and more.

In addition, some systems even offer email or text alerts if an event happens so that an authorized person does not miss any potential emergencies even if they are away from home. There is also the opportunity for recorded video clips either over a set time-frame or based on sensors such as a door alarm.

More importantly, there are a number of different camera options available. Wifi-enabled camera capabilities save time and money because there is no wiring  to be run throughout the house or to an outdoor location. They can also be constructed in weatherproof housings for people worried about detached garages or storage sheds. In addition, there are now image sensor packages, where a motion detector is combined with a camera to hopefully produce an image of an intruder for police to review.

New Sensor Locations and Types

While they may have been available to the extremely wealthy in the past, for most homeowners, glass-break and stress sensors can offer an additional layer of protection. The former can come in the form of acoustic sensors tuned for the frequencies of a pane breaking, while seismic versions note vibrations likely to cause a window to crack. Stress sensors, placed under mats or carpets, detect footfalls in case an intruder  has made it through an unprotected entrance and is now inside the house.

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