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Home burglaries are a nuisance in America; Bucks County is no exception. There are an estimated 2.5 million burglaries a year. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your home security. Nothing is more comforting than knowing that your home is protected even when you are away. Continue reading

How to Make Sure Your House is Secure When You Go on Vacation

A man breaking into a house: a reason why residential security is important

Summer time is just around the corner.

Your kids are counting down the days until school lets out for the year, and you’re dreaming of your vacation. Maybe you’ll be sitting by the ocean drinking something tropical or embarking on a cross-country trip to see some unforgettable landmarks.

But before you start your well-deserved vacation from everyday life, take a minute to think about the people who can’t wait for you to leave.

We’re talking about your unfriendly neighborhood burglar. To him, a house where the family has gone on vacation is like an invitation to steal.

Don’t make his job easier. Before you leave for your trip, follow these tips from our Bucks, PA residential security experts that will help you make sure your home is secure.

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Security Monitoring – Keep Your Home Safe at All times

Home and business security systems are designed to protect you from intruders and other dangers, but consumers may miss out on total peace of mind if they opt not to sign up for ongoing monitoring with a trusted service provider. There are numerous advantages, ranging from improved response times from police and fire departments to the ability to protect against a variety of building concerns including extreme temperature drops and flooding monitoring.

Improvements with Monitoring

Advanced security with home monitoring systems

In most cases, the sensors and other components that are connected to the central alarm system act in a passive manner. That means that if a burglar trips a pressure sensor in a foyer or a magnetic reed sensor that protects a window, a combination of an alarm will sound and a strobe will begin flashing to dissuade intruders from moving through one’s home. However, this can occasionally lead to false alarms, and without monitoring it could limit the response time of first responders.

Instead, many homeowners and small businesses will sign up for monitoring by a home security system provider that offers locations near Bucks County and the surrounding areas. Trained staff monitor sensors and other equipment designed to detect intruders and as soon as one is tripped, the representative contacts the home or a contact number provided by the consumer. If they do not get a response, or do not hear a previously-agreed-to safe word, they will call to dispatch local police or fire departments. Continue reading

Home Security: Protecting Your Home From Intruders

Home Security Systems Bucks PAMany people have lock-boxes at home or safe deposit boxes at their local banks in order to store important documents like stock certificates, birth records and more. However, when considering home security systems, many don’t think of upgrading their protection to include safes and vaults depending on their requirements for protection from burglary. Whether it is at home or for businesses of all sizes, these types of protection can offer one last line of defense against criminals looking for an easy burglary.

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Residential Security: Protecting Your Home Electronics from Intruders

Home Security - Protect your home electronics over the holidaysWith the holiday season coming, families are likely to be shopping for gifts large and small. When it comes to home security, however, what happens after unwrapping presents can play a key role in ensuring whether or not high-value devices like TVs and computers will remain in your possession by the time the clock ticks midnight and everyone celebrates the New Year.

The basic theory is similar to poker. When people have a strong hand during a game that they think will beat everyone else, they do not want others to know. Similarly, when families make big purchases for others as gifts or to replace old electronics, it is important that the rest of the world does not know that these easy-to-steal and easy-to-sell items are available for criminal elements in one’s home.

Hiding Electronics from Thieves, Not Just Recipients

When a burglar cases a house, he or she is looking to get the best return on a burglary. They are looking, then, for easy-to-access jewelry and electronics that can fit in a small duffelbag or backpack or even their pockets. While it may be difficult to hide a giant HDTV, many people casually toss boxes for electronics running from Blu-Ray players to video game systems to computer containers near their recycling bin until the next pick-up date.

When homeowners and renters do that, they are effectively advertising the equivalent of a Black Friday doorbuster sale at their home. Thieves can quickly calculate how much each of the gifts or products are worth as stolen goods and plan accordingly.To limit this, make sure that before you begin recycling any boxes that you have cut them down and either place them directly into the recycling or use a laundry room or garage until you are able to do so.

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