Case Studies

Case Study: Commercial/Industrial Security System

The Challenge: A local construction site had pre-wired their entire building. When the site was left unattended overnight someone came through and stole much of their copper. The construction company called the police and they came to investigate. Since there were no cameras or security monitoring system present they had no evidence to work with.

The Solution: The following night after-hours, someone came back and stole additional copper from the site. The construction company made a call to Holicong Security to have a wireless, cellular video system installed that would send any signals to a central monitoring station. Holicong also installed a remote video system with motion detectors to activate after-hours when workers weren’t on site.

The next night when the copper thieves returned all three of them were caught with the help of Holicong’s installed security monitoring systems.

Case Study: Residential Fire Alarm System

The Challenge: A local man was doing some plumbing work in the basement of his home using a soldering gun to join wires. In the process he had accidentally heated a wooden beam which continued to smolder when he went upstairs to lay down for a nap. As he was napping the wooden beam caught fire which spread throughout the home very quickly.

The Solution: A fire alarm system installed by Holicong Security woke him up from his nap and ended up saving his life and his home.

Case Study: Residential Security System

The Challenge: A family's weekend home located in Solebury, PA had been repeatedly robbed for a total of seven times before they made the decision to have a security system installed.

The Solution: Holicong Security installed the appropriate security monitoring system in their Bucks County home preventing any future break-ins. It's important to never wait for numerous robberies to install a security system in your home. At Holicong, we understand the importance of protecting what you love most and will help you through the entire process.

Case Study: Residential Security

The Challenge: Many local residences experience break-ins after purchasing new, expensive items for their home, especially after big gift holidays. When families leave empty boxes on the curb for trash day, they reveal to burglars what new items they have inside.

The Solution: When you purchase items like televisions, laptops, and tablets make sure to break down the boxes and conceal them in recycling or trash bins.