Access Systems

hand holding key card to access system sensorIn order to properly protect your business, you need to manage access to critical areas. By installing an access control system you can manage sensitive areas throughout your business to provide needed protection. Holicong Security can successfully install and maintain your access control systems to help improve your overall business operations.

Our access control systems from Keri Systems Inc. provide protection for all types of customers.

Installing an access control system on your property has many benefits including:

  • Prevents costly theft and vandalism
  • Restricts, allows and denies access
  • Records history of entries into sensitive areas
  • Eliminates problems with lost keys
  • Provides added security for data and assets

With advanced technology, there are many options of access control systems including:

  • Photo Badging
  • Key Cards (also known as swipe or insert cards)
  • Telephone Entry
  • Digital Video
  • Proximity Readers
  • Audio and Video Intercoms

Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation so we can better understand the security needs of your business and recommend the best access system for your property.

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