Bank and Trust Companies

bank & credit cards under a lock

At Holicong Security, our security professionals understand the sensitivity and importance of ensuring that proper safeguards are in put in place in financial institutions. We have years of experience in providing the best quality security solutions for banks and trust companies while also adhering to specific banking regulations.

Our goal is to help financial institutions prevent a wide range of security incidents from occurring and recover if one does. Holicong Security is dedicated in protecting the facility along with the customers, employees and clients.

Some of these security solutions include:

Vaults and Safes: The most dependable vaults and safes are both highly durable and compatible with most financial institutions. At Holicong Security, we have years of experience in installing safes in Bucks PA and surrounding areas.

Video Surveillance: Banking regulations are designed to ensure appropriate security is in place to manage responses and perform video investigations when needed. Having a quality video surveillance security system in place is critical for any financial institution.

Access Control Systems: These are very important in monitoring your facility internally. We can set up a customized system to allow you to monitor which employees have access to restricted areas and keep a history of entries.

Burglar Alarms: At a financial institution, this type of alarm provides true protection from a security incident. We can install the appropriate alarm system for your facility while also providing secure, quality monitoring services.

For additional information on our security solutions for banks and trust companies, please contact us.