Lock Installations

worker installing door lockProtect your new home or business with a set of high quality and high security locks from one of our many door lock options. Holicong Security understands that having proper door locks installed on your residential or commercial property is one of the first steps in providing a level of high security.

We can also provide lock replacements for outdated locks on your home or business with new, modern electronic locks. We carry a wide range of door locks from top manufacturers like Bosch and Medeco.

Why you might need new locks

Your locks are worn – Eventually you’re going to need to new locks on your home or business. If your locks are too difficult to open or open too easily, then it’s time for you to call us about our door lock installation service.

You just moved in – If you just recently moved into a new house, it’s always a good idea to have your locks changed. You never know who might still have a key to your home.

Lost your keys – If you lose your keys, then you should get your locks changed immediately to guard against burglary. 

Someone recently moved out – Did a former partner or roommate recently move out? Not all relationships end on good terms. It would be wise to reach out to the door lock installation service experts at Holicong to quickly get your locks changed.

Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our certified locksmiths who install and service locks Montgomery PA, Bucks PA, and Hunterdon NJ homeowners trust, as well as servicing the surrounding areas. We will recommend what locks would work best for your property.

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