Video Surveillance

worker installing security camera for video surveillanceAt Holicong Security we provide a wide range of video surveillance products and services for homes and businesses.

Our variety of video surveillance products include:

  • Security Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras 
  • Outdoor Surveillance Systems
  • Touch-Screen Systems
  • Monitors
  • Remote Viewing
  • Motion-Activated Systems
  • Multi-Camera Kits

Business Video Surveillance

We believe that the best security solutions are ones that protect and grow with your business. Holicong Security offers a wide range of video surveillance options for your business to minimize security incidents. We can find and install the best video surveillance system for any size business. A properly placed and monitored system can help you feel confident that your business is fully protected.

Residential Video Surveillance

Whether you are looking to protect a small apartment or a large house we have the right video surveillance option for you. There’s nothing more important than protecting your home, family and valuables from security incidents like home invasion or vandalism. Feel confident that your home is protected with cameras strategically placed inside and outside of your home. With our remote viewing you are even able to monitor your home while you are away.

Why you need video surveillance:

Keep an eye on elderly parents – If you live with an elderly parent, having residential video surveillance in your home can be very useful in the event of an emergency. Our security systems include remote viewing technology.

Reduce your home insurance premium – Using a video surveillance system in your Bucks and Montgomery County PA home could help. Many home insurance companies will reduce your premium if you install a residential video surveillance system to protect against theft and vandalism.

Catch criminals in the act – If your home gets burglarized or vandalized, catching the culprit on video can help the authorities find the person responsible. Video surveillance systems can also act as a deterrent. Burglars are less likely to strike if they know there is a video surveillance system in place.

Protect your business – In the event that your business is robbed, having video evidence can be a big help to the police as they work to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Guard against vandalism – It’s not uncommon to hear about acts of vandalism affecting businesses throughout the Bucks and Montgomery County areas. Every business owner worries about the damaging effects vandalism. By installing business video surveillance technology, you can ward off vandals or catch them in the act.

Create a safer workplace – Looking for ways to keep your employees safe? A video surveillance system can be installed at entrances and in parking lot, so your employees will feel safe as they exit the building.
Video surveillance systems installed and monitored by Holicong Security ensure that your home and business are always safe. Contact us today to discuss the best selection of video surveillance products for you.